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    Ace and queer. Either aromantic and demi-homo-queerplatonic or demi-homo-romantic. It's confusing.
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    Attending school

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  1. To continue this thread: Timeline is fucked up so the weekdays in our timeline gets mixed up Backstabbing guy would never stab people in the back again. (No idea how I'm supposed to add hidden contents) Loki
  2. Angry man fights girlfriend's father. (Hulk) A spoilt royal brat is kicked out of his home until he learns some manners. Has a tantrum and destroys a city. (Thor) Guy on drugs throws frisbee on nazis (Captain America: The First Avenger) Two 90yr old men fight when one of them can't remember who the other is. (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Two superhuman war criminals beats up orphan with heart problems after one of them murdered his parents. (Captain America: Civil War) Billionaire fights American soldiers from WW2 (Captain America: Civil War) Man destroys his planet after his sister broke his favourite toy. (Thor: Ragnarok) Single father ends world hunger with his stone collection (Avengers: Infinity War) Billionaire industralist goes to edge of universe and beyonde just to stop environmental activist. (Avengers: Infinity War) Billionaire brings back world hunger (Avengers: Endgame) Two guys fights over a pair of glasses in Italy (Spider-Man: Far from home)
  3. (It's a book but I hope it's okay!) Guy worships duct tape and hates potato
  4. ohhh that sounds delicious! Gotta try that out!
  5. I don't know any good browined recipes, but like why would you need a recipe for banana pizza? It's just to add banana on top like you do with any other topping? We're all talking about the same kinda pizza right?
  6. First off, banana on pizza is fucking amazing! Secondly, don't worry about not updating the scores, it's just a fun game anyway:) Thirdly, I understand why that's your greatest achievement in life. It's fucking golden!
  7. ...will you get angry if I want pineapple and banana on it?
  8. Oh yeah I also rly want some pizza
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