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  1. To younger me: FIGHT BACK! Fight those bullies, punch them, kick them, don't you dare let them destroy your mental and physical health! It really sucked for me! 😣 I really regret being quiet and scared. My mother has even informed me that she wouldn't have been mad if I'd been expelled for fighting back against bullies. I would've just been transferred to a new school. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I love romance. Reading about it, watching it, it all seems so adorable, to be attached to someone in that way. But I'm just not capable of it myself. 🙁 In practice it is so, so boring.
  3. I'm the youngest of four. None of my siblings have any LGBT signs. Got a gay cousin though, which a few of us seem to have. 😁
  4. It does feel quiet, haha. 😄 I'm sure I'll feel at home though.
  5. I am afraid of having no family or friends left in the future, couldn't care less about someone to smooch with. 😐
  6. For me it wasn't until my late teens when I had my first "relationships". I love romance in fiction so I was looking forward to feeling it myself, but it never came. I acted the part, but the whole time I felt stressed and bored. I wanted to just be close, be friends, and I thought more about what would happen if I were to have sex rather than any future with the person. Once we would part ways for the day I would feel relieved. 😅
  7. Aro vegan here! 😊 I was on the standard diet up til about five years ago, when I went vegan overnight.
  8. I come from AVEN. 😁 I'm fairly certain I'm aromantic, but my sexuality is still up for debate. Nice to meet you!
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