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  1. Hot take Otome Isekai actually slaps

  2. CanadianBird


    If CSS is the whipped cream, then HTML is the pancake. I like to think of it like the outlet that holds the charger. Because it's a base, there's a limit to what you can do with it in terms of styling. However, without it, you can't do anything at all. Thankfully, this pancake uses a simple recipe and you can learn how to make it within a few hours. Still, while the basic principals are fairly easy to grasp, every time you learn a new language you sorta have to learn how to incorporate that into the base. So once in an eternity, you might pick up something new haha. I actually don't think CSS is all too difficult to learn if you've never used a back end language before (HTML doesn't count here). In fact, compared to styling with HTML I would actually call it easier because of how it's organized. Since I posted that first comment I did end up completing my second year compsci course and learned some java (still a beginner but I can make objects, user controls, and move stuff) but It's been torturous. Java is like math. It is math. Applying it is like calculus. Unfortunately for me, it's also important. But it does do some pretty cool things. I can see why people who have used Java forever would be annoyed learning CSS. It's like asking a genius mathlete to excel at art class. Just, why? It's a terrible analogy but it encompasses the issue 😅
  3. CanadianBird


    Haha thanks, I'll be sure to show them the preview! I can definitely see why some back-end programmers look down on us CSS users, but I think it's fair to say that sometimes we have it tough too (Of course, I've only been a it for a year-ish consistently, so experts would have it better than me).
  4. "No, me? Noooooooo... Me? Okay me, but me? No way. Not after everything. Obviously that isn't" "...Me." "Wow. I never would have guessed." (All followed by a three-week identity crisis)
  5. Welcome! (BTW I love your user :D)
  6. Still a little unclear where I stand with Fi and Fe, but Aromantic and INTP.
  7. Ignorance like this is so completely out there it's actually hilarious. Sure, I totally feel sexual attraction and you would know that because you're me! It has to be the second most annoying thing in the world when people try to assign you an orientation without your input. Like hello??? Did I ask for a therapist?
  8. It's golden hour somewhere by Lovejoy (The band literally referred to their music as "Aromantic British Noises") "I'm not sure if the stuff I want is even worth the price it costs."
  9. Bastard indeed. I'd still clear things up with him though
  10. Day three of learning HTML 🥳

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