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  1. So I wanted to play Syberia, but my save dissapeared. Probably going to just have a walkthrough up on might just put a walkthrough up on my other monitor, but lets be honest I needed that to progress anyway. Game is a point and click adventure about a lawyer trying to buy an eastern European automaton factory for an American toy monopoly only to arrive on the day of the sellers funeral and leaving you to figure out that the only heir has run to Siberia to chase mamoths. As you chase the heir you slowly lose phone signal and travel to fiction countries that no one back home has heard of. Very aesthetic, fairly pixel hunty, and man these puzzles often don't seem very clear to me. I don't interact with most online game communities so everyone I know who plays fromsoft and similar style games use the wiki a lot. With me and my sister, who is the one I talk about this most with, it is a mixture of being used to look up guides because of moon logic and looking at the wiki before we own the game to get an idea of it. Honestly I didn't know there was a "didn't use the wiki" crowd, as the showoff thing I always hear is the "don't use summons" crowd.
  2. My brain appears to be stuck on elden ring at the moment. It is decently fun, but if you play it you probably need to read a fan wiki to find a lot of stuff. Starting out is rough in comparison to mid game as leveling is harder early on. Multiple characters are introduced with fake names that are close enough to their name I didn't notice until reading the fan wiki. For instance Ranni starts as Renna, and then you don't see here for a while, same with a boss you first see as Margit but is really Morgot. I don't remember names easily but I don't think this helps. When I can pry my brain away or get too frustrated with elden ring I have been replaying The Messenger which is still a delightful game. I recently played Sea of Stars which was made by the same developers and didn't like as much. It was pretty but I don't think I like Chrono Trigger style games gameplay much. Its story slogged a bit due to the most interesting stories not being the mcs and the combat dragged at the end enough I cheated. It had so many references to the messanger and not as much of the charm.
  3. I feel like being less in your face about it helps make it less bad. For some romances it is given as a defining character trait rather than just something that happened. A Korean web novel, that is unfortunate not officially translated nor fully fan translated, instead has the mcs have a conversation before they get married for plot reasons about if they should go through with ot given neither of them have loved anyone and don't love each other. This framing made me wonder how far I could read it as being a aro story rather than the usual use of this troupe. Also to note the line webtoon comic Daybreak by Moosopp has this be implied by a convo between the nonbinary lead and their bestie which implies they are specifically aro besties.
  4. I might be. I have had a feeling that as soon as I move out of regular visit range I won't really talk with my parents again. Mental health problems have delayed this. I feel more like soft friends with my siblings and regularly talk about shows, books, and games, and I would be sad if they were no longer in my life, but not as sad as I would be if my friends weren't in my life. I only really have one friend I felt like was my family, but rather than a feeling of loving it is more like someone I didn't know dropped into my life and everyone in my family knew them. Still I kinda just feel like I owe my parents for at least taking care of me as an adult. I also do want to see them get a house they own rather than renting their entire life and retire, which seems like a pipedream. I don't think this is as much familial love as I would prefer those be options for everyone.
  5. I haven't looked at the study so take with salt, but apparently after exercising with someone a lot of adults find them more beautiful \ handsome. It anecdotally happened to me( although it might've been due to other events as well), but I am weirded out by it mever happening before adulthood. So maybe it would be an aesthetic running date? That kinda just sounds like running somewhere pretty tho.
  6. I feel like op's experience is similar to a lot of agender people, or at least a lot that I have been exposed to. Personally I'm with DeltaAro on not understanding gender and gendered things. I had to transition though, I hate the feeling of my skin with T and facial hair along with always wanting to change my birth name. I switched my pronouns on principle and only really have a reaction to family getting it wrong, although I did get surprised the first time I was she'd.
  7. Kissing is quite nice although I don't get why people get the tongue involved. For me it is a just a sensual experience mainly and kinda overrides the context. Don't know if I would be ok kissing a stranger since most of the time I am sensually attracted to them it is fairly specific rather than general as it is with friends.
  8. The only time I got really sad over a celebrity death, Terry Pratchett, wasn't when he died but when I read the afterward his daughter wrote to a posthumously published book talking about what else he wanted do do if he had the time and knowing your losing someone years before they die. I don't know how much of it was reading a sad thing and how much it was the no longer getting new works I enjoy sinking in. Apart from that it's mostly just been a feeling of 'well that sucks' or 'may they rot in hell' for at least one recent case.
  9. Stables (Shaples is a last name, something to do with england.)
  10. I would like to run the little shop in the lobby of the local public library without having to worry about turning a profit. It wasn't profitable when it was trying, so like just giving out free tea, coffee, or snacks to everyone who hangs out there would be a joy.
  11. See the ish for me is that I don't think rationality and creativity conflict enough to be useful. Like what is rational for you is based on your knowledge and experience, which you also use to create. If I wanted a career with both I would probably go for something like math, where you need creativity to find solutions and rationality to make sure it works. My actual solution for this would probably be "how much community do you need to be satisfied?" Rather than solitary and sociable, which I don't super see as opposites, you can be like me be sociable but only need a small community. Really I agree that my suggestion doesn't really work all to well, but I don't think things that are socially considered to be in conflict necessarily are. I feel like this obscures personality, altho not as much as the binaries the mbti deals in (that was the other thing that made me think of radar charts but could also be solved with sliders).
  12. I apparently mean a radar chart. Stat star is just what me and my sister called them, probably should have checked before mentioning. It mostly came to mind since the center is always zero so you can't do s vs n you can only do s vs not s.
  13. I kinda feel like most personality charts are held down by being dichotomous. Give me a stat star or something. Though this would involve some dichotomy it would be more like "this thing vs not theis thing" rather than " this thing vs something we have decided is opposite". For instance are S and N opposites or is it that some people are better at explaining why they make their choices than others? Is empiricism not also a grand ideal? Do those who create a settled life not create it with their autonomy? Is it really useful to separate these? My x not x solution is still pretty bad though, for instance if you put thinking or reason as a category I can't imagine many people thinking positively about being unthinking or unreasonable, at least not from my cultural context (USA). You might be able to avoid this a bit by switching words, for instance being not empirically minded doesn't seem that bad, but it still is very context sensitive what words would be neutral enough for this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Don't know if this is quite what you're looking for but the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett is kinda like that. There is romance, but it seems like an afterthought and is less important than doing what needs to be done for your community. They start as kids books but grow as Tiffany does. I might have some rose tinted glasses as I grew up with the books and haven't reread them for a while and may have less to do with being a woman than doing what needs to be done, but it will at least be a bit of a fun read.
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