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  1. - so you don't feel love -i feel bad for you - you will find someone some day - your just faking it
  2. so my parents want me to find someone or ask me if i like anyone you know i have told them that i don't like anyone and that i would rather be alone (im aroace btw) so every time i tell them that i don't want to date anyone (because i have never felt romantic attraction) and my parents said that i was in denial and that i will find the right person eventually. i don't know this kinda just makes me feel a little upset you know and i just needed to say how i feel. i have not come out to them yet either so you know. Anyways has anyone else had a experience like this.
  3. i can definently relate to this as im touch repulsed aswell i really dont like to be touched and im not sure why but if i give someone a hug consider it special as i do not like being touched i only have a few people i will hug and there close friends to me and its not even like a good hug more of a awkward hug so you know
  4. id say that me and my 3 close friends celebrate valentines day as more of a platonic friends day and we get each other gifts aswellits pretty fun i just like it when i get cards from my friends that say how i helped them ect. i dont really need candy or anything but rateher a thoughtful card
  5. in real life i feel repulsed by it sometimes but in media,books,movies,shows ect i dont mind it as in some shows it actually makes me feel good to see people togeather i find it quite sweet if there charecthers i like
  6. before i found out i was aromantic i thought i was actually either panromantic or maybe biromantic
  7. when i was younger my parents would always tell me that i could not date till was 16 (im 16 now almost 17) and i have never really had a intrest in dating i felt that if i dated a friend i would not be able to hug my other friends or i would lose touch with them so i dont date or have a intrest in romance sometimes i feel a little left out and im not able to give romance advice because i dont have any experice myself. i also prefer not to be attached to anyone and i hate people who are super clingy its kind of anoying i dont mind romance in animes(if theres a good plot) or even in books its ok aslong as theres a good plot and the sories not a typical love story where theres love at first sight. being aromantic i have had people ask me out and ive always turned them down cause i dont want it to be weird orloose friends if we would break up so yeah
  8. ive been in 2 relation ships one when i was in 5th-6th grade and another this year in 10th grade but it was only for a day because i think i was confused about my fellings so i would not even consider it a dating this was befoere i found out what aromantic was and i considered myself that i was biromantic i also have been asexual since 8th grade so almost 3 years and havbe considered myself aromantic for about 2-3 months because of this its led me to have strong friend ships with my friends i met in 6th grade and i cherish them dearly because of this
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