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would you rather


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Elephant, easily! Elephants are incredibly intelligent and sociable. Seriously, research elephant; they have incredible memories and are the most compassionate creatures. That title is normally given to dolphins, but in reality dolphins murder other animals for fun and are pretty violent things overall.


Star Wars (the right choice) or Star Trek (ew)?

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Hmm… this is a hard one. I don't know about the mind reading, because that could mean I read stuff I don't want to know, and I don't know about immortality, cause that doesn't come with no pain. I think I'll stick with mind reading.


How about sitting through a heavily romantic gushy movie or sitting through a normal movie with a date :P 

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Normal movie with a date. If they try any of that romantic stuff, I'd shove 'em away and tell them to pay attention to the movie! :P


WYR an unlimited supply of cake but no ice cream ever again, or an unlimited supply of ice cream with no cake ever again?

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Ah, definitely cake with no ice cream. I can go without ice cream; there's always milkshakes and smoothies! No one can ever has my precious cake xD :cake:


WYR be able to eat anything while being healthy and maintaining healthy weight, or be able to fly (IK those are random things, but eh).

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