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  1. Hey so, last time I checked in I identified as genderfluid, ace-flux, and aro-flux. Now, I simply identify as male, demiromantic (still questioning), and bisexual. I haven't got a laptop at the moment so I'm using my phone, but it's glitchy n stuff. But hey, thanks.
  2. I'm currently in a relationship and my aromanticsm has affected it as they've already told me that they're scared that I will be 100% aromantic when we meet up (I'm aroflux af)
  3. Banned for dissing upperclassmen
  4. I'm enjoying a mix of classical music and german industrial metal so, all's well over here!
  5. Also, Sherlock is ace/aro, you can kinda see why I think that. I also think he's in a qpr with Jawn bab ~~
  6. I was waiting for something TMI! He is definitely also bisexual. This is controversial but I think Sebastian was ace/aro and obsessed over Clary bc he thought that was what attraction was and he didn't know anything other ~~
  7. Well here goes nothing *gulp* I am pre-hormones and stuff so... http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ybx2K69jWj
  8. I'm down to moderate if you'll need anyone to
  9. I have to agree with you there, fmab is really good, have you tried black butler?
  10. I want to study anthropology but my family wants me to go into psychology as its a family tradition and my sister is going to be a teacher so I hope you enjoy your time on these forums ^-^
  11. Nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy it here. I used to study german but I found it too hard to learn so I had to quit
  12. Well I've been on this site for a while so I thought I should introduce myself, I'm Rythian but most nicknames are cool (except Ry because or personal reasons) and I use any pronouns. I'm romance positive most of the time but other times I can go kinda weird but hey, don't we all! I am aro-flux and ace-flux, so I rarely feel attraction but when I do I'm homoflexible. I'm also genderfluid so that could mean; guys, gals, or nonbinary pals depending on the time but yeah.
  13. one good friend rock music or pop music?
  14. I came out to my partner as aro-flux and they've just entirely accepted it, I feel it went really well as neither of us are massive fans of kissing until it comes to the right situation then we're both all for it. And they're asexual so they know quite a lot about the a community itself.
  15. I've been told that I've got to get married and have kids! Double trouble. I'm probably gonna get married anyway though, and I do want kids so.
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