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  1. One arm- you can still move around easier! Would you rather wear a dress or a suit?
  2. I had to Google what that was, but I'd have to say Ewwww >_< sounds pretty gross. Lemon Bars? I made some earlier.
  3. I found this game on another forum. Someone will type Yum or Ewww to the food posted in the post above theirs, and then type another food. I'll start: Nachos?
  4. Ohhhhh I listened to this a while back without even knowing it was a MLP song. I think it was a Homestuck version?? Idk, either way it's a funny song My favorite songs are Dead Men Tell No Tales by Motorhead and For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica
  5. Harry Potter, I am to obsessed with LOTR Would you rather go to New Zealand or London?
  6. I would have to say a romantic, unable to get into a romantic relationship. Tiger lilies or Oncidium orchids?
  7. Definitely aromantic! That romance stuff looks like a lot of work.. Would you rather go swimming or biking?
  8. Hello! I have been active on this website for a few days now, so I figured I should probably introduce myself. My name is Sam, and I identify a an aromantic, asexual, agender person. I don't really care about pronouns, so use whatever you'd like! My two favorite things are reading a good book, and drinking tea. I especially love Earl Grey! This is actually the first aromantic forum I've ever been on, and I already love it! I've never been able to talk with others about being aromantic - heck I've never been able to use the term without having to give a ten minute long definition of what it is (and then they usually still don't believe me that it is actually exists). So anyway, I really appreciate how kind everyone in the community has been so far, and I hope to get to know everyone better!
  9. First off, how can I use "relevant and specific details from the excerpt" if you do not provide an excerpt, or explain from which excerpt I am taking the information from? Secondly, what if I don't want be either the letter "H" or the letter "J"? Or what if I have a phobia of becoming the letter "H" or "J", and the mere thought of it triggers memories of a traumatic experience? How inconsiderate! So I am choosing to not even humor you by answering your question. Would you rather read a book, or watch a movie?
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