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  1. ooh i think i'll do this one!! prob tomorrow after school bc it's almost midnight pfft
  2. prequels tbh!! be invisible or be able to fly? i got flooded so this might be a double oops
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOeIZCzu9wA the same song i've been listening to for the last couple hours jfc and awolnation nice aah
  4. oh true!! idk tho, my singing voice is awful pfft lmao maybe i'll read the navy seals copypasta except i get winded talking for long periods of time??
  5. mm i think i'll just lurk for now rip,, i'm not really a huge fan of my voice ugh not to mention i have to think of something to say pfft
  6. i've been in two relationships -- both because they asked me out first and i have a hard time saying no to anything. they ended in pretty quick break-ups, because i eventually couldn't stand being around the two, due to being overwhelmed with guilt for 'leading them on'. while i do want to eventually enter a relationship, i'm not sure if i'll be able to find one where the attraction is mutual??
  7. my attraction varied wildly?? at first i thought i was straight as a 'default', then a lesbian once i discovered there were orientations other than het bc at the time i identified as a girl + just?? thought girls were pretty?? and then thought i was bi/pan for a while, bc i found ppl of any/every gender cute, tho i didn't feel any actual romantic/sexual attraction. once i found the terms ace/aro, i started identifying as those!! tho occasionally i get crushes on boys, i don't really get them in the way other ppl describe
  8. necrodivines


    yo!! i've been gaming since i was like,, a little kid pfft but some of my favorites are any pokemon ones, devil survivor: overclocked, fire emblem just cause 3, lieat, legend of zelda, undertale, fragile dreams: farewell ruins of the moon, hatoful boyfriend, and stuff like that!! as you can tell, i lean towards some of the more emotional ones. i've actually been meaning to play bastion, but for some reason, it always glitches out on my computer. and i've started titan souls, but i'm,,, frighteningly bad at it i'd also be willing to exchange my steam with people, if that's something anyone's interested in??
  9. aah ic cx and thank you!! + ye i love ice cream aah thanks!!
  10. yo!! i'm still figuring out my exact romantic orientation,, but rn i'm grey-aro + sometimes feel attraction towards boys?? it's a wild ride tbh
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