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10 Questions!


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Ten questions with a twist. What's your favorite:

1: Meal
2: Snack/desert/junk food
3: Movie
4: TV show
5: Book/Series
6: Music/Song
7: Animal
8: Game
9: Hobby
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass.

Here's the twist: I want to hear both your current answers, as well as how you would have answered when you were young. :)

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meal: pizza rolls! (If that doesn't fit the sea food, idc which just sea food)

Snack: Reese's (i know thats candy but still

movie: idk marvel movies?

tv shows: loki

books: uhhhh marvel comics?

song: idk

animal: snek

game:  minecraft

hobby: d&d

strange law: uhhhhh idk.. life (idk what that implies but i'm going with it)


1: Meal: fettichi alfredo
2: Snack/desert/junk food: idk
3: Movie: none really
4: TV show: again none really
5: Book/Series: The Renegades Trilogy
6: Music/Song: didn't really listen to music much
7: Animal: lynx
8: Game: Call of Duty
9: Hobby: drawing
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: moose (thats it thats the whole law moose)

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1: I love ALMOST all food
2: Frappe
3: American Beauty or Jojo Rabbit
4: The Queen's Gambit
5: The Girl's Guide To Rocking
6: 7 Years, cover by Twenty One Two
7: Doggos
8: I don't play games :P
9: Playing the ukulele
10: A law permanently confining my ex to Los Angeles


1: Something Indian?
2: Lassi maybe?
3: Memento
4: I didn't watch TV
5: Inheritance Cycle (don't blame me, I was young)
6: Any Putumayo CDs that were in the house
7: Doggos
8: I didn't play games
9: Chatting with old friends on Facebook
10: A law banning school

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Roast dinner

Chip butty

No idea, been ages since I've seen a movie


Small gods / discworld series

The hymn of acxiom  - vienna teng


Football manager

Miniature painting

All castles must be destroyed completely and replaced with full sized bouncy castles resembling the original


Young me (well, i'm still young at heart, but you know.):


More pizza

Four lions

QI (again)

Small gods / discworld series (young me had good taste)

Three lions (this is coincidence, honest)


Bumwhacks / heads and vols (or whatever name you use for that game)


Cross country running is classified as child abuse

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1: Meal: Today I'd say macaroni and cheese, maybe chicken alfredo. Back then I'd say chicken nuggets or something
2: Snack/desert/junk food: Specifically, Culver's Crazy for Cookie Dough flavored fresh frozen custard. I'd say that back then too. It's been a favorite for a long time for me. 
3: Movie: Megamind, I guess (side note: I really want to see Schindler's List, but I haven't yet so I can't say it's my favorite movie). For the past, I'll say Toy Story.
4: TV show: Mind Field. I know it's not aired on television, but I honestly do not watch TV anymore. Back then, my favorite show was Cyberchase. PBS Kids was amazing when I was a child.
5: Book/Series: I don't read that much, never have. I'll say my favorite book now is Think Java: How to Think like a Computer Scientist and my favorite back then is I Funny by James Patterson.
6: Music/Song: I have multiple answers for this question. One of my favorites nowadays is The Science of Selling Yourself Short by Less Than Jake. I honestly can't think of any songs that I liked when I was young.
7: Animal: Now: Axolotl, Then: Penguin.
8: Game: Now: Untrusted- Web of Cybercrime, Then: Minecraft.
9: Hobby: Now: Audio engineering, Then: Probably playing in the snow, or something.
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. Now: Getting rid of the "By using this website, you agree to any and all cookies" nonsense on the internet. Then: Banning homework, I guess? That's probably something every kid wanted at one point in their lives

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1: anything vietnamese (there are a lot of small vietnamese-owned restaurants in my neighbourhood and the food is so good!!)
2: still crisps (the crunch is so satisfying, it's like a stim)
3: Into the spiderverse (the animation! the music! the plot! what a masterpiece!!)
4: Mo Dao Zu Shi (i've just started it and it becomes my new obsession)
5: Mo Dao Zu Shi (same as above, the series is based on the novel)
6: Twisted from the musical Twisted (or maybe all of the songs, idk yet)

7: cat
8: Genshin Impact
9: i dont think i have one
10: one extra day off every month


1: pizza
2: crisps
3: probably avengers
4: sherlock bbc
5: sherlock
6: i think AC/DC (i had a strong rock/metal phase, my parents listened to it all the time)
7: cat!!
8: The Sims or minecraft
9: dancing, drawing, singing, acting, sports (:') i wish i had so much passion now)
10: yeah probably no homework

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Putting my own answers here cuz I forgot to put the in the original post because my brain is missing :p

Me now:
Probably couscous with summer squash.
Pretzels / Everything bagel with cream cheese & goat cheese.
The Avengers
Don't watch much TV.
Either 'The Time Machine' by H. G. Wells or the 'Ga'Hoole series' by Kathryn Lasky.
Never listen to music. I have no explanation for this. Just never cared for it.
Dogs, wolves, foxes, hedgehogs, primates, & dinosaurs.
Battle games / Nerf war
Writing fan-fic / Online written RPG
That I am now the ruler of the world! 3:) Mwahaha!

Me as a kid:
Mac & cheese
Toy Story
Depending on the year, either Darkwing Duck or the Jumanji cartoon series.
I was too dyslexic to read much as a kid,
Never really listened to music.
Dogs, wolves, & dinosaurs
Hide & seek or battle games
Climbing trees
That no one ever has to dress up or do boring stuff.

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6 hours ago, DeltaV said:

Not even a favorite soundtrack? :o

I notice when a movie has a nice soundtrack, but I don't typically look it up or think that much about it. It's not like I actively dislike music. I think it's fine, it just doesn't do much for me.

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On 11/8/2021 at 6:48 AM, Angrboda said:

1: Meal: I love pasta
2: Snack: I love fruits, especially oranges 
3: Movie: Fantastic planet(planet du sauvage)
4: TV show: Monty python flying circus and Smile guide(kraina Grzybow)
5: Book: Right now i’m reading Phill Colin’s biography. I’m not really interested in reading, but would love to. I wish i could read a comic/book with experimental/avant-garde and surrealism. The story has to be acidic as possible?
6: Song: Future nostalgia-Dua Lipa
7: Animal: Cats
8: Game: Don’t have any favorite games.. But would love to be more into gaming.
9: Hobby: painting/drawing, art, anime/manga, furries, music and history 
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: Have a nude party each year ?.. No no maybe a law about giving the rapists wedgies.. I actually had a dream about it for some reason ?



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1: Meal: I just love food a lot =))) 
2: Snack/desert/junk food: sweets with coffee; dried chickpeas?? (i'm not sure what are those exactly); popcorn with extra cheese
3: Movie: Arrival
4: TV show: Expanse, Stranger things
5: Book/Series: Claudie Arseneault's City of Spires trilogy
6: Music/Song: There are many songs I love, depending on my mood. One of those is this



7: Animal: my dog? ;)) do plants count? ;)))
8: Game: I don't play because I know I'd become obsessed ;)))
9: Hobby: reading, roller skating, writing
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. I have no idea ;)))


Back when I was a child

1: Meal: I loved all kind of meals too ;)))
2: Snack/desert/junk food: Pufuleti
3: Movie: wasn't too much into movies 
4: TV show: some korean dramas
5: Book/Series: Eragon and some others, but don't remember the titles
6: Music/Song: didn't listen to too much music until about 5 years ago
7: Animal: still my dog ;))) Didn't have plants back then ;)))
8: Game: Captain Claw
9: Hobby: translating stuff for a forum/website dedicated to Korean culture
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. I don't think I was more creative back then either ;))

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1: Meal: Lasagna
2: Snack/desert/junk food: Idk, I like a lot since I have a really bad sweet tooth lol
3: Movie: Either Back to the Future or Avengers Endgame
4: TV show: I don't watch tv much now
5: Book/Series: Probably Percy Jackson
6: Music/Song: A variety of songs, one of which is this: 

7: Animal: Dogs
8: Game: Overall, probably Geometry Dash, however I find other games more enjoyable for short periods of time
9: Hobby: Gaming and Video Editing
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: Law would ban people from being stupid in public places where they get in other people's ways lol

- - - - - - - - - -


1: Meal: Macaroni and Cheese
2: Snack/desert/junk food: M&Ms or Milky Ways
3: Movie: Avengers
4: TV show: Gravity Falls
5: Book/Series: American Chillers
6: Music/Song: I didn't really listen to music much at all growing up
7: Animal: Probably dinosaurs or something
8: Game: Super Mario
9: Hobby: Gaming 
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: No school probably

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On 11/8/2021 at 10:05 PM, Blue_Jay said:

movie: idk marvel movies?

you get an F. You cannot simply pick all Marvel movies when asked about your favorite movie!!

On 11/8/2021 at 10:05 PM, Blue_Jay said:

books: uhhhh marvel comics?

you’re someone who would fly off the Bridge of Death over the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

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1: pesto :D 
2: popcorn 
3: return of the jedi 
4: the owl house 
5: animal farm 
6: hidden in the sand by tally hall
7: flamingo 
8: minecraft 
9: playing music 
10: give me a new cord for my amplifier so I every time I lose it I can still play my electric bass     

as a kid 

 1: pasta    
2: still popcorn 
3: winnie the pooh
4: I honestly can't remember 
5: for some reason I loved jack and the beanstalk 
6: finale from the fifth symphony beethoven ( I still love it )  
7: cat
8: solitaire 
9: drawing 
10: I just wanted a cat- 

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  1. (1) Warheads®
  2. (2) Please reference the text posted above
  3. (3) It bi-weekly changes. But for now: The Times of Harvey Milk (1984)
  4. (4) Gravity Falls
  5. (5) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'trilogy'
  6. (6) "96 Tears" Question Mark & the Mysterians
  7. (7) Great-horned owl
  8. (8) PONG
  9. (9) Drawing in general/reading fanfiction
  10. (10) There'd be no law forbidding me from pirating Prometheus and Bob Complete Collection (In Chronological Order) then putting it into the National Film Registry.

You're not privileged enough to know of my past. Oh, but:

  10. (10) There'd be no law forbidding me from pirating Prometheus and Bob Complete Collection (In Chronological Order) then putting it into the National Film Registry.
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1: Meal : spaghetti
2: Snack/desert/junk food : bubblegum? it was forbidden for a while when I had braces
3: Movie : ... probably beauty and the beast
4: TV show : .... Power Rangers? Captain Planet? the animals of farthingwood forest?
5: Book/Series : Circle of Magic, Tamora Pierce; or when I was younger, the Animorphs series 
6: Music/Song :  Evermore; FF7 soundtrack
7: Animal : Mouse
8: Game : Final Fantasy 7
9: Hobby : writing stories
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass. all schools must have a cola fountain



1: Meal : lasagna - because I don't have to cook it :D
2: Snack/desert/junk food :  black forest chocolate. not with real fruit, but with the jelly lollies and chocolate biscuit in it
3: Movie : guardians of the galaxy vol 1
4: TV show : the legend of korra
5: Book/Series : the hunger games or the six of crows duology
6: Music/Song :- Seanan McGuire
7: Animal : ... fox?
8: Game : Final Fantasy 7. [and 9, and 10, and Tomb Raider 2013]
9: Hobby : aquiring hobbies and lamenting that doing any creative thing good is really hard
10: Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass : All the doggos belong to me. you may look after them - they love you, after all, and they would be sad if I took them away, but all the doggos belong to me

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Meal: cajun chicken or quesadillas and rice (but the kind from restaurants bc I cannot cook them well myself)
Snack/desert/junk food: mandazi>>>> they are so good istg
Movie: IM INDECISIVE UHHH I like the spiderman movies and karate kid
TV show: Attack on Titan
Book/Series: Heroes of Olympus, but I'm in the middle of some books that are becoming my favorie
Music/Song: I LOVE david bowie and queen, if I had to choose specifics, my top songs from them would probably be life on mars, starman, dont stop me now, and killer queen
Animal: elephant
Game: bs
Hobby: reading/writing

Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: idk


When I was young:

Meal: chicken nuggets
Snack/desert/junk food: chips/ice cream
Movie: Annie
TV show: my little pony
Book/Series: percy jackson
Music/Song: Nicki Minaj. Or as I used to spell it, "Niki Manog" Dont ask why I liked her but I did. I literally wrote this down on a school assignment XD
Animal: dolphin
Game: hide and seek
Hobby: reading
Idea for a strange law that you'd like to pass: my parents letting me get a dog

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