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Hello my lovelies!


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Dear [insert your name here],


I stumbled upon this community via reddit about a month ago and have finally decided to make my grand appearance. 


I'm Rose. 17. Fabulously quirky. Hi.


I have the somewhat odd combination of being aromantic but heterosexual. (I don't bite--usually) I kinda live with a foot in both worlds without really having a sense of belonging in either. I'm really excited to connect with more aros--especially any that identify as something other than ace (make my existence slightly less lonely and signifanctly more awesome and we will be great friends regardless though) 


More about me? 


A lover of intellectual discourse, fellow awkward humans and really I'm down to talk about anything from War and Peace to Steven Universe.  


Can't wait to meet you,



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Welcome :icecream: If you just search around a little bit you can find plenty of allosexual people. There's a thread I made with a poll asking if people are allo or ace and what specifically they are, so if you want to find more allosexual aros, you can check that out.


Also an awkward person(?) here. Hope to see you around!

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