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  1. Various reasons- stopped enjoying meat,never felt completely at ease eating meat when younger,want to reduce animal suffering.Health wise there are reasons to limit animal products. I think reducing suffering is something we should all strive towards. Having said that,I let people make their own decisions and try not to impose my views on others.I tried going vegan for awhile but switched to vegetarian (I have depression and anxiety problems so a compromise was needed. Having said that,I'm sure there are healthy vegans around). As for being flexitaria
  2. So, I'm wondering how someone would potentially talk about being in a queerplatonic relationship,while also being romance repulsed. Staying with someone full time is also not an option.Basically I'm hoping to be in a friendship that's based on emotional intimacy as well as sensual benefits( I'm touched starved). This relationship will definitely fall into the friendship category,seeing as there are quite a number of boundaries involved. While I've had friendships with strong emotional intimacy present,I really do get snuggle struggles haha.Romance and sex are obviously off limits. I also don't
  3. Definitely prefer cold temperature,I feel much more awake then.
  4. Just curious to see how many vegetarian and vegan aros there are on here. I'm vegetarian btw
  5. Recently discovered horror author worth checking out: Charles L Grant. If you enjoy horror that's beautifully written and filled with atmosphere,then this "quiet horror" writer might be of interest. " Past sunset in early February,the worst time of the year.Too far from Christmas and too far from spring.Too cold. Too quiet.The light,never strong,too soon gone.Trees without leaves,scarred bark,empty nests,fading into the dark; weeds along the roadside,trembling stiffly,shedding burrs,flaring in passing headlights,and fading into the dark;house lights and streetlamps and traffic si
  6. Welcome! I'm agender and asexual as well
  7. THIS. The controlling aspect of romantic relationships really sounds awful to me: Being expected to act in a certain way,feel the same as the other person etc. Being around another person daily, and ending up becoming another person altogether just to please that person. Ugh I get anxious just thinking about it.
  8. Some people have a fluid romantic or sexual orientation,so yes it's possible. Other people feel like their orientation is fixed.Another thing to remember is that people sometimes don't have the right words for their experiences, and may change how they identify later after coming to a better understanding of themselves. Having said all of that, I'm not very fond of "born this way" or "fluid" arguments for various reasons. Firstly,people should be able to identify how they want. Secondly "born this way" arguments make it seem as if there is something almost shameful about an identity,a "they ca
  9. Post about any horror related content here (horror films,horror fiction etc). As a kickstart here are two horror authors worth checking out: Shirley Jackson Edgar Allan Poe
  10. I've always been wary about coming out but have realized that being as open as possible is best for communication purposes. People are far more likely to understand and be supportive if I am able to explain my experiences to them (without giving too much of a life story or trying to justify my feelings). Seeing as I am interested in being in a QPR, being open about being arospec (and ace) will hopefully assist me in communicating my intentions more effectively,thereby enabling others to better understand my experiences,while also helping me navigate my relationships with others better.
  11. Hey everyone,I've started a new blog where I will be discussing the importance of aromantic (and asexual) visibility. Please feel free to check it out,there's a link on my profile page.Thanks! PS if you are a horror nerd then my blog may be of interest as well
  12. Hello! Some people have a more fluid sexuality than others,so it's a possibility. Hope you enjoy your stay here
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