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Do you see aromanticism as a personality trait?


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To me it really feels like part of my personality. Like curious, ambitious or social.
Which is interesting because I don't tend to think like that with other peoples romantic or sexual orientation. For them I think of their personality as separate from whom they do or do not prefer.


How do you see it?

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I would not consider it a personality trait myself, as I have seen aros describing themselves as quite different personalities.


It's not really an attitude as some of us are very social and focused on friends, companions and family while others are not.

Not really introversion or extroversion.Some of us are shy, others are outgoing...

I would not call it a behaviour or action or habit because it's not something you do or not do. One can be aro and choose to date or not, have one QPP or several...

Certainly not a honesty thing. You can still lie, or not, be a cheater or not.

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I do think aromanticism informs my personality and it's traits, because of course it does. It plays a big role in my day to day experiences and relationships, but it isn't a trait itself, it's my romantic orientation. 

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I'd say it's more something fundamental that influences my behaviour more than personality, same as my autism. If I met someone else who identified the same way as me and also had autism, we could be the complete opposite personality wise, but behave very similarly, e.g. preferring to stay in our bedroom on the computer than go out to pubs or clubs after work, be in our own little bubble when we go out by ourselves and not really initiate conversations with strangers etc. 

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