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  1. I would hope it's this one. At least ignorance can be changed with time and education.
  2. Banned for masquerading as the Associated Press
  3. @Kerfluffle, Ruler of the Perfect Grammar Club, needs to come in here! aoa your avatar is dancing exactly to my music
  4. Agreed. I enjoyed their QPR posts, and didn't know of any issue with them until @Ace of Amethysts brought it up. And anyway, I would say that (without excusing their actions) the OP of the thread was probably just having a bad day or something. I refuse to believe that (with small exception of course, particularly colossal transphobe Milo Yiannopoulos) there are people who are completely bad. And even Yiannopoulos and his ilk tend to do it for a reason that they see as "good". I just like to remember that with the exception of the aformentioned Death Eaters, such as Yiannopulos...
  5. But yellow is a problem for people using the Bad Theme. Orange is good though
  6. I'd like to suggest that the green team be rechrisened as the purple team or similar. In general, green text is reserved for moderator when speaking officially, and using a different colour would avoid confusion.
  7. I'm listening to Concerning Hobbits from the Fellowship of the Ring:
  8. Regardless of the content, I found this article very difficult to read because of the lack of capital letters and stream-of-consciousness writing. Because of that, my opinion of the writer is immediately lowered, as (from my perspective), they don't care enough to check for things like that in their writing. Regarding the content, the author said that: This doesn't preclude Jughead from being asexual, as many aces can be romantic. Also, I'm lost on their argument. Can someone enlighten me?
  9. Similarly, the Art of Manliness blog ran a series on the History of the American Bachelor. It covers how bachelors in the US were penalised for not having partners, and how it became more acceptable over time. There's also a podcast on the topic.
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