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39% of young Americans want to see more aromantic or asexual characters on screen

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Interesting article about an American survey about young peoples preferences for film and TV.
"the majority of adolescents aged 13-24 (51.5%) wanted to see more content centered around friendships and platonic relationships, rather than romantic ones. A near-majority (47.5%) said sex was not needed for the plot in most TV shows and movies, while 44.3% felt romance was overused in media. Nearly 39% wanted to see more aromantic or asexual characters on screen."


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Damn.  All we have to do is wait for this generation to take over TV and movies.  We'll have it made!

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It's notable that they didn't ask the preteens about romantic content. Especially given that romantic content falls out of the scope of classification/rating systems. With the result that it is as ubiquitous in children's TV and movies as anywhere else in popular Western culture.

Also it's unclear if this asked about non-romantic sex. Thus may do nothing to address the lack of allo aro representation. Even, potentially, exacerbate the existing conflation of aro with ace.


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