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Aromantic Flag Redesigns I've come up with + Poll

Which redesign do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which aro flag redesign do you prefer?

    • #1 Arrow Redesign
    • #2 Dark Green Redesign
    • #3 Bright Green Redesign
    • Not sure
    • I like them all equally
    • I don't care

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  • Poll closed on 08/06/2021 at 10:00 PM

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#1 Arrow Redesign




Green: Opposite of red, colour of romance

White: The variety of sexualities & relationships aros can have.

Black: Absence of attraction

The design is based on the popular arrow symbolism in the aro community.


#2 Dark Green Redesign






#3 Bright Green Redesign 






I wanted to make a brighter version of the Dark Green Redesign (#2) so the colours contrasted more and it would be easier to see for some people.

So far I have been getting good reception on redesigns 1 and 2 on reddit and so wanted to see what people here think. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

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Either 1 or 3 maybe. 1 is interesting because its different to other flags, 3 is nice and bright 

Personally I find 2 too dark it feels a bit murky and hard to see especially on certain screens. I guess like yeah 3 is a better version of 2.


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personally 1 looks a little weird to me and 2 is too dark. i think 3 looks really nice though my only complain would be that it kind of resembles the lesbian flag and people might say it's a copy, but other than that it's the one i like the most.

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For me, 2 and 3 focus too much on romance-repulsed/indifferent/positive, but it is probably because I don't use this distinction for myself. But of course that's personal, I know there are a lot of aros that use this terminology. But even like that, I think it weird to have three things to describe the attitude towards romance, when on the other side you have a very big group that put all the rest together ("aros of all gender, relationship types & sexualities"). Is there a particular reason you focus that much on the repulsed/indifferent/positive part?

For the aesthetics part, I think 1 is the coolest and the more original, but if I look at it without knowing anything, I would not associate it to a romantic orientation because I'm so used to the lines in LGBTQUIA+ flags. The 2 is too dark, I wonder if a person that has trouble with seeing colors could easily differentiate them (I don't know). So I would say 3 is the best aesthetic choice.

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