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what's your secret conspiracy theory about romance?


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Since most of us don't understand romantic attraction or relationship like that it's easy to make up explanations for why people act like they do.
Do you have any theories that you know logically isn't true... but still they feel like they are true sometimes




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Valentine's Day was invented to get people to spend money and stimulate the economy after holiday season spending dies down in early January (at least in western cultures, I'm not super sure that's a universal thing).

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On 6/14/2021 at 2:12 PM, nonmerci said:

People seek romance because the only way sex is tolerated is if it is corelated to a romantic relationship.

The problem is : it does't fit the asexual community.

Maybe if we change it to: sex and/or emotional intimacy

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If we're going with totally impossible conspiracy theories....

Romance in novels exists solely to distract the heroes from their world-saving goals. Totally a plot by all the fictional supervillains out there...

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