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  1. I can relate with this. The strict (patriarcal) view on family and LGBT pushed me out of the church too.
  2. I think that I may understand it theoretically. Although the border between toublesome obsession and romantic infatuation is still unclear to me.
  3. Welcome to Arocalypse -Nyah 😸
  4. When young I have never thought about marriage and family. I was never big on dolls and babies. Marriage is the thing that I would consider last, after lover and even children.
  5. So far I have been attracted to: a weird but social type a troublesome badass 40+ weed smoker type a kinda looking like my father when he was joung type a georgeous plump woman type a gender non conforming type So at this point I guess I don't really have a type.
  6. People use it either way and it is confusing. There is the same debate for ace and ace-spec. Also in both cases, some people will feel erased (aros) or not included (grayros,...) which is unfortunate.
  7. I'm not a fan of romance but sometimes I get invested in unlikely couples or romances between characters that have to fight for their right to love. I hate what I would call 'social' romance (high school movies, soaps,...) when social status and gossip is more important than love itself. But can we even call it true romance?
  8. Priviledge does not stop with queerness. Am I the only one feeling so unconfortable about discussing priviledge in LGBTQIA+ spaces - or any other thematic forum? We can never factor in everything and people will feel frustrated about it. I do because I think that I have been way more discriminated on other fields than about sex/gender/romance topics.
  9. I like music so much that I would fall for them. It's a kind of aesthetic or sensual attraction I guess.
  10. I live in the city so I feel pretty far from nature right now. It was better when I had a cat, rodents and turtles. It's not the same than contact with wildlife but it was great nevertheless. Hopefully I can afford to adopt animals again in the future. In the meantime I make do with houseplants like aloes and other succulent plants.
  11. I'd rather go bungee jumping than get married.
  12. Only child. Impossible to say whether I had a family member LGBT+ because one did not admit things like that. There was although one that we suspected to be very sex averse and another without much romantic interest.
  13. 1. Having some psychotherapy ongoing on topics that could explain or reinforce aroness. At one point I had to decide that, symptomatic or not, it has been a part of me since my teens so I could identify with it. 2. Not feeling invested in aro community advocacy, while I'm honestly more active in the asexual community even though it is not my primary orientation. 3. Not being fully romance adverse in art or litterature.
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