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If you still made up crushes who would you choose today?


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I think a lot of us have the experience of having fake crushes (either just for others or also for ourselves). If you still did it today, who would you choose?


I would pick the actor Wes Chatham cause I think he's very good looking and he also seems like a thoughtful and interesting person.

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I can't say celebrity crushes because I think I never made them and it's hard for me to even picture myself having one. Or maybe Logan Lerman because I was obsessed by his eyebrows after the Percy Jackson movies (he was probably one of the only thing good about these movies lol, he is a very good actor, and his eyebrows are, I don't know, expressive lol).

I would made up crushes about people I know because that's what I did back then. Currently I don't have people I could think of (most of people I see now are my colleagues who are too old for me), but I would pick someone who in intelligent and pretty.

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Luke Spiller. He's the only real life man who knows how to dress worth a damn. Guys think they're adventurous if they wear An Color on their clothes, fuck that, where are all the sequined shirts and tattoo chokers? 

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I go with @nonmerci. I don’t know a lot of celebrities bc since I was a kid I ever looked very few movies.

I faked a crush once to a boy of my school (I didn’t even know him lol). I guess I would chose someone from my university I don’t know very good but only from distance (so I’d have no pressure to act in a certain way and just could „adore“ from distance, which seams easier to fake)

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I've had on and off 'crushes' (or squishes, I cannot tell) of a few internet celebrities over the years, they all have something in common: 'nerdy' gamer men who are streamers or musicians, or both.

The 'oldest' have been Dan Avidan from the lets play channel Game Grumps who is the lead singer of the his own band: Ninja Sex Party, and Joel from streaming and gaming group, Vinesauce. Who has been a leader & member of several heavy metal bands over the years, with a part time current solo career (I have listened to his work and it's very good, this is coming from someone who doesn't listen to the genre very often) 

Most recent is Jerma, another gaming streamer who is good friends with Joel, though he is not a musician as far as I know. And Neil Cicierega, the solo singer of his band Lemon Demon, who you may know from his other works. Dudes an internet sensation machine. 

And some Kpop idols and artists, because of course      

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