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This is great


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So happy to be part of the community.  I'm just recently in that phase where I discovered that Aromanticism exists - and that I have been it for my 40+ years of life.


Wow ... I wish I had known this years ago!


So many things make sense now. So, so, so so so many things.  Can't help but think about how sorry I am to all the girls I've upset over the years.  So many years lost trying to figure out what's wrong with me.  Man.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to discovering more about the community and my fellow aros here.  One more time: this is really great and I'm pretty happy about it :D

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Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope to see you around the forums. It's so nice to hear that everything makes sense to you now. I think a lot of people get that sort of revelation feeling when they find the term.


Enjoy your ice cream! :icecream:

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