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    Former Heterosexual Heteroromantic ; Now Asexual Heteromantic. Leaning into Aromantic. Recipro-romantic.
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    It doesn't matter as I'm cis-genderless.

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  1. Mine isn't a case of realize, but rather happened. Short story, my sexuality was slowly dying, and then so my romanticism seems to drastically shift. So basically my profile.
  2. Yes, but it takes good capability, good commitment, and monogamous inclinations to do so. So, soulmates for life are very few. If I wasn't leaning into aromantic, and if I didn't have eternal fatigue, I can see myself with some one and remain monogamous.
  3. If you never feel like you want to be in a relationship it seems.
  4. Recipromatic is already on my profile info. The long orientation box is pretty much accurate of what I am now and what I was.
  5. The thing is I don't. It's more likely feeling that she's attracted to me, and is putting herself out there, and then I look back and am interested like after a few years. Plus, I'm not capable of feeling attraction to any one not attracted to me.
  6. Is my orientation info is too long? It accurately describes me.

    1. Serafu


      I personally like how it captures the dynamism of your orientation ^^ no orientation is "too long" as long as you feel comfortable in it!  

    2. R_1


      It's not exactly dynamic. Static with a shift that occurred once.

  7. Not an aro here, but, yes I am. I do gain attraction when someone is into me, slowly like 1-2 years. I like it when I'm in my aro state though.
  8. As I said elsewhere, it's a mixture of both. In my case, it's become, but not by choice.
  9. Okay, a little bit of details for those who do not know me from there. In a matter of speaking, I'm not aromantic, but I do strongly lean to the point of being aromantic. Call me gray if you like, but I'm not really into that term, and just leave it at that. That means I almost never experience emotional attraction, but yet I know I am capable of it because it tends to develop after a year or so. So, I'll stick with the term romantic even if my romanticism is very unusual. But, anyways, here's a little bit more information about me: I was a heterosexual+heteroromantic person, and that was while I was on puberty, but there was no possible way for me to deny the fact that I had a sexuality even if I wanted to, because most people are born that way. Onto when I was 14-15 years old, it seems to waned down slowly for the course of a year and so. Like, you wouldn't even noticed until you do, but by the time you do, you know it's already going to die anyway. So, after the age of 16.5, I am no longer capable of feeling sexual attraction. More than a decade later, it still haven't returned. And that also means my romanticism has waned down a lot, but the thing is, it's still there. I know that I am capable of feeling emotionally attracted to women because I have felt it recently. And, it seems to took me a year to feel that way. That usually mean by the time I feel attracted, it might be a little late because things happens. Also, I have not felt romantic attraction in over 5 years.
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