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  1. ive been busy with finals but came back to say this exact thing Also is it just me or has the average age of this topic gone down considerably?? It could just be me but I swear that it has
  2. Definitely never be able to sleep, it would give me so much more time.
  3. Probably wide honestly, yet again idk why though
  4. I'm personally a big fan of the letter x, but i dont really know why
  5. paunch (I really am finding a bunch of weird words on this thread huh)
  6. also just saying this is a really satisfying page number
  7. honestly though it is
  8. truuuueeeeee this is exactly what i used to do
  9. Okay so genuinely when I was younger I used to eat uncooked pasta randomly and it wasn't that terrible Still wasn't good but I think I prefer it to uncooked rice.
  10. Okay the thread is dying again and we cant let that happen can we
  11. Linch (I was very surprised to find that that was a word)
  12. Honestly, I'm kinda split on this topic On one hand, I would dislike it if I knew someone had a crush on me, then it would just feel really awkward especially since I wouldn't be able to reciprocate those feelings. On the other hand, it would be good to at least know that there is someone who legitimately enjoys my company, even though I would only be able to like them platonically. So it would just be really confusing and I'm glad that no one (that I know of) has a crush on me
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