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    aromantic and on ace spectrum
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    i dunno
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    iran, mashahd
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    about to start university

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  1. Hello 15yo_introvert_ava! I am 18yo_also_introvert_dorsa! Welcome to arocolypse hole you enjoy hanging around here and make lots of friends.
  2. greetings to thee and thy army of aroaces! i am dorfinwe, god(in a genderless matter) of physics and i kill(charm) people to boredom with my nonstop talking about Quantum Mechanics and i make an atomic bomb! ok that was dramatic! no i am kidding about the second part, i can't make an atomic bomb, yet!
  3. Thank you your majesty🫠 The moment of realization!
  4. there really should be more aro and ace awareness, it would spare a lot of people from bad experiences and misunderstandings
  5. well we have been interacting for a while here and i have come to really like:) anyway hello and welcome to this little piece of the world
  6. i just realized in two weeks it will be the first anniversary of me knowing i am aro. god it was such a good feeling( i haven't felt even close to that in a really long time) i have been going with unlabeled for a few years now, about a year ago a friend asked if there is any label i feel even closed to, i remember that i didn't know exactly what aro or ace was, but i knew a few things about asexuality so i said: i dunno maybe i am asexual. after this conversation i went and did more researching(i had done a ton of research before setting on unlabeled). like every normal person i started taking tests on google. i took one for asexuality too, and it said "you are probably demisexual". through my search for demisexuality i came across demiromantic and aromantic. and god the joy of seeing other people sharing your experience is just amazing. so i first went with demiro but then i realized "man i feel literally zero romantic attraction" so from there i officially put the label aromantic on me. the very first label that actually made me feel good, loved and understood. after a year i still dunno how does my asexuality work but i know i don't sexual attraction like other people so i am still figuring out. and that is the greatest love story of the year 1402 Solar Hijri calendar. what is your story and how long ago did you figure out this part of your identity??
  7. i really don't know, i have never wanted to kiss someone and i keep thinking about how i feel about it and i just can't figure it out. but i guess i am disgusted even by the idea of closed mouth kissing. tho if i ever have a qpr or a close friend i will be ok with peck on the cheek(i am really trying here😂) forehead kissesss aree soo goodddd!!
  8. omg thank you for thissss! i really want to read more aromantic books but there aren't manyy
  9. I know ! From the moment i figured out i am aro i have been feeling thia joy i had never known i could feel, sth i really didn't feel when i was with my ex. It has taken so much pressure from my mind, god i really hope everyone can come to love thier identity too
  10. When my 5 very all roommates are talking! No mather about what, just whenever they talk: One has a boyfriend One keeps going back to her ex, but this last time it really got nasty One likes someome who likes her back but niether of them are acting on it(srs why) One whose boyfriend from 2 years ago still text her And one who has gone a couple dates with someone but they are not exclusive yet So yes i have aro moments every single hours of day
  11. I am offended that you ended it
  12. And i am proud of you for that
  13. Well that's bad😂
  14. I knkw honey, we will show them Oneday the world will know!! Who told themmmm??
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