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  1. Yes! >:3 TPBM would you like to be a silly little goose posting goofy goober cat memes on social media with me before bedtime?
  2. Okay but like Velvet and Veneer were super iconic. I haven't even seen the movie yet, just some edits and shorts on YouTube, but my favorite part with them was the "stop attacking me" one. Poor Veneer. Just wanted to eat his cereal lol.
  3. GMFU by Odetari (w/ 6arelyhuman) (Sped up version)
  4. The feeling feels like I want to get as far away from the idea of me being that identity as possible. What makes it better is thinking of myself as something else. What makes it worse is thinking of myself as being genderfluid. But it's been a decent amount of time now, and I've gone without labels, because I'm unsure, and no labels fit me as of yet. I just feel like me. No strings attached. I guess it's pretty liberating. Labels put me under a lot of stress. I want a label, but at the same time I'm just fine without one. Recently, one of my favorite youtubers came out as a demiboy, after identifying as demigirl for some time, and I felt super happy for them, of course! And then I thought "I'm glad they figured out what they truly are. At least they'll know! And that's fine." Then I was thinking "what if I was in the same scenario, but the opposite. What if I find out I'm a demigirl. How funny would that be?" Trying to jinx myself, I guess, even though I know I'm not a demigirl. I guess part of me is still a bit desperate. You're right. I'm eager to explore my expression, pronouns, names, and other things. I'm eager to explore my gender identity, but at the same time it feels useless, since why even bother figuring it out? I'm still me, after all. I'll give the site and book a look. That is if my library has a copy. I like using any and all types of ways to express my gender identity. I'd like to have people think I'm a girl one minute, and a guy the next. Or just not being sure of what I am at all. What I mean is, I'd like to have people in a state of confusion when it comes to my expression. I don't like being confined to one gender identity, to the binary. Oddly enough, I'm not really into honorifics and pronouns sometimes, other times I am. And I could easily see a problem there. At least to people who wouldn't understand. After all honorifics are a way of communicating who one is, right? It actually varies on what makes me uncomfortable. It's just an "it depends" circumstance. I guess, either I still haven't learned my preferences on the small things like pronouns and such, due to trying to rush things, and never genuinely experimenting, or I'm just fluid that way. I've got a start for that path, I think. I know I prefer either feminine hair styles (like long hair, etc), and gender neutral haircuts (but honestly, why label things like haircuts??). I'm a big fan of short hair, but I could do just as fine with long hair. I really like clothes considered feminine, and I'm willing to experiment with masculine and gender neutral clothes too, even though I'm not too keen on the idea right now. Maybe even trying something different and mixing together clothes (like masculine and feminine clothing, or masc and neutral, or fem and neutral). I'm still experimenting on names. That one's a toughy, but I'll figure it out. I know I don't want masculine names. Neutral ones are fine, and I don't think feminine names are to my taste. I'd like really unconventional names. Pronouns? Sometimes i want to use she/they, other days he/him, they/them, he/they, neoprouns, and none. It's a changing thing. I believe due to rushing things however. I know that I can be alright with my body sometimes. What I'm going to say is gonna be weird, so please don't judge me. Sometimes I stare at my chest, and I'm like "oh I have boobs, okay then" and move on with my day. Other times I like having them. Same with my down below area, except I never like them. I'm fine with them sometimes, yes, but never like them. Sometimes I want a flat chest, and surgery for my down there bit. It changes/depends. But whatever I want at the moment is what I want. Sometimes I really like how feminine clothes extenuate my body. Other times I'm far from it. I don't know what body configuration means (;-;). As for my voice, I want an androgynous one. Strictly androgynous. I don't exactly mind my female one half the time, but I definitely want an androgynous voice. I agree, I'll figure things like this out through time, and not all at once. I know from my own experiences. (P.s. writing this made me realize something. Like a revelation. Lol. But I'm serious. My oblivious self didn't think to think that I'm feminine, and prefer to be feminine presenting. I also realized that I might be girlflux. That possibility sounds find to me, and I'm excited, and I hope that that's me! I'm going to look into it. Maybe I'm wrong? Who knows. Either way It's fine. And I for sure am going to experiment. Also, some of what I responded with made me think of other people's experiences. I'm pretty sure they were girlflux, but I cant remember.-
  5. Oh, I've been criticized before. But that might?? play a role in it. But the idea in general of having a fluid gender is unappealing in itself.
  6. I've come out as asexual, and aromantic (at the time I thought I was greyromantic or something, and just wanted to avoid any confusion). It hasn't really affected me at all. The only thing that has changed is my parents expectations, and knowledge. They perceive me as myself, and someone who doesn't feel that way. it was freeing, and good for me. It's affected my life in a positive way. I'm free to be myself and of the idea that I'd ever feel that way. So it definitely was for the better.
  7. I assure you that it's not odd. I kind of relate to that. Personally, it makes me feel lived in, or experienced.
  8. Anyone else have bad acne? Anyone else who likes their acne and wouldn't want to change the fact they have it because makes them feel like a teen boy/more like their teenage non-binary self? Anyone like having scratches or small minor injuries, and bruises without being insecure about them because it makes them feel, (this might not make an ounce of sense to others) authentic and cool?
  9. My mind has moments where I think of MTF individuals. Not in a bad way of course. But my mind wonders to all sorts of topics and can be weird. U-U

    Some trans women may want to transition, while others don't. But as an AFAB gender questioning person sometimes I find myself thinking: "If it were possible, give me your male body, and I'll give you my female one. I feel so envious that you have the body I want." Even though I don't want that body all the time. 

  10. I have been summoned. Anygays... Tie between Jax, Gangle, and Kinger. Because Jax is sassy abd funny sometimes. Gangle is adorable (nut I'm not a simp). Kinger os just... a favorite for me. :) My least favorite is .... Well I don't really have a least favorite. I ship no one. It just feels wrong. I don't like any of the ships. But if someone else wanted to ship them, then whatever. Iglf it's queerplatonically or platonically or sonething like that, then I'm all for it. Favorite part of the pilot?
  11. So, I'm probably asexual, but I really want to identify as pansexual. The label is lovely. And I definitely want to experience sexual attraction. I know not finding someone hot doesn't necessarily mean you're asexual. Allosexuals don't have to find people hot, right? I really find comfort in the pansexual label, and I feel like I may have gotten it wrong about being asexual. But at the same time I feel like I don't fit in with being pansexual, and may be wrong to question if I am or not due to the fact I could possibly be asexual. Maybe I'm bisexual or gay? I kind of dig the bisexual label. So should I try it out? Yeah. I need a little encouragement or something.
  12. I've been willing to date someone regardless of their gender before. Even before having the amount of dating experience I have, I thought it'd be possible for me to love someone regardless of gender, and I think that's true. I've loved and had crushes on boys, girls, anyone in between, or neither, or outside of that. I don't know, the concept of pansexuality and panromanticism is beautiful imo, just like any other romantic orientation. Unlike the idea of me being polyromantic, the idea of me being panromantic is a lot more comforting, and would be a lot better. It doesn't feel as forced as identifying as polyromantic does. I like the idea of me being able to love someone regardless of gender. And just for their personality. I love these wonderful people. One is questioning their gender, and I don't care what they are, I just love them. I don't care what the other's gender is, just that I love them. I don't care what someone's gender is. Just their personality. I fall in love with someone for their personality. So I guess this is my way of coming out. I'm panromantic, (and questioning pansexual)!
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