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  1. Interstellar, because it's about space exploration and time travel. There's no romance (or sex), but it's about a close relationship between a father and a daughter, who are both interested in scientific topics.
  2. A few things from my Spanish class last year: 1. There was a partnered assignment. The teacher randomized the pairs using her computer, and I was paired with a girl. As this girl and I were walking to the library to complete our assignment, I was trying to be at least a few feet away from her so people wouldn't think we were dating, etc. (I'm used to seeing girl-and-boy pairs on my college campus, but I'd rather not be part of one because of the romantic stigma). She and I had a little conversation while walking, and I tried to appear as non-romantic as possible. During our walk to the library (and even during the assignment), I was thinking "let's get this over with so I can return to doing things I'd like to do". 2. I and a group of my classmates performed a romcom for the class (all students had to be part of a group to act in a skit of their choice to practice Spanish vocabulary). I was the only guy in my group. The rest were girls. The plot was that I was forced by my mother to participate in some sort of reality TV show about romance, and the girls were fighting over me, trying to "win me over". I didn't want any of them, so in the end, they all lost (despite their efforts), and I teleported myself back to my natural year, 2222. Obviously, this was all pretend, but see, I couldn't even feign romantic interest! 3. For Valentine's Day, we were supposed to write romantic letters or something to famous figures (present, historical, and figurative). I was assigned Uncle Sam (THANK GOD, I don't think I could've handled any of the modern-day people, especially female ones, as I wouldn't be able to write anything!). I just said something along the lines of: "You're smart", etc. It wasn't too much trouble, and no drama came out of it, so that was a "thank goodness"!
  3. As mentioned by a few other users, I'm also not interested in the idea of a QPR. I'm much more interested in having close friends. Side Note: One of my best friends also isn't interested in the idea of romantic/sexual relationships, so I don't have to worry about him "leaving me for a romantic partner"!
  4. At the beginning of this month, a random person decided to connect with me on LinkedIn (I thought nothing of it at the time, so I decided to accept her request). She then started to ask me personal questions, like if I was single or not. She said she wanted to get to know me better, and she even went so far as to ask for my number and to chat on Google Hangouts!! I declined, stating that she'd crossed a boundary, that I wasn't interested romantically, etc. In response, she seemed to get offended, saying she was looking for an honest, loyal husband, etc. Later, she typed her own number to me on the LinkedIn PM! I didn't text it. However, here come the funny parts! (TW: A prank is involved!!!) So, even though there was no direct communication that this person was pursuing me romantically, I suspected she was. Arocalypse members, how's THAT for a rejection story?!!
  5. Who can relate? I remember when I was in middle school to early high school. Some people were already in relationships and whatnot. For some reason (probably because I thought everyone was too young to be serious about such stuff), I couldn't take the romantically active students seriously, and I thought they were kidding. Only during my sophomore or junior year, however, did I come to realize that they weren't kidding, but were serious the whole time.
  6. Thank you, a million times thank you for this song. This song resonates with me on more than just my aro identity. To me, there's something spiritual about this song. I do have one complaint, though. I wish this song were longer.
  7. This short conversation (which was in Spanish, but has been translated to English for this site) occurred in my Spanish class when I was in high school: My Spanish Teacher [to the class]: Do you believe in love at first sight? Me [to the teacher]: No! My Spanish Teacher [to me, sarcastically]: Ok.....thanks, John....
  8. Hello all, Please do not be deceived. I am not new to this site. Only my account is, as I cannot access my old one. Here's the story: You all may remember me by my old username, @The Angel of Eternity. Unfortunately, I lost access to that account after my computer broke. I was without my computer for several weeks, and after it was fixed, I was able to access all my accounts, except my Arocalypse one. I didn't remember my password for that account. I also couldn't (and still can't) access my email that's linked to that account, so resetting my password wasn't an option. I've now accepted that I can no longer access that account, but I'm back with a new one, one that describes another facet of me. It's great to be back!
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