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  1. Such a situation has never happened to me, but if it did, I might try being weird or strange to make someone uninterested in me if they had a crush on me. Who knows? I would have to experiment, I think.
  2. To me, there's absolutely nothing negative about aromanticism! When others shove amatonormativity, allonormativity, and heteronormativity at me, it's actually entertaining, since I know that I'm protected from them. No one has ever asked me out, but if it were to happen, I wouldn't hesitate to say "no!" without feeling guilty. Besides, I'd be serving such a person in a way, because if they were in a romantic relationship with me, they'd be held back from finding a better romantic candidate for them. Something else I find great about being aromantic is that, as said by others, I can focus 100% on myself and not have to put energy and attention into someone else's priorities. To me, that's just not authentic living.
  3. How did I deal with Prom in high school? I'll tell you. When I was a sophomore, I wasn't even allowed to go to Prom, since I was an underclassman (I didn't care, since I had no interest in going, anyway). When I was a junior, I was officially considered an upperclassman, so I was allowed to go, but I still had no interest (no one pressured me, thankfully). When I was a senior, it was a whole different paradigm. Not only was I "allowed" to go to Prom, but some folks tried to pressure me into going. A bloke in my grade level said that I should attend Prom in a tuxedo and have a girl accompany me (spoiler: their attempts to pressure me into going to Prom were rendered futile, and I ended up not going -- on Prom night, I stayed at home and did homework [what a nerd I was/am!] and laundry). The whole process was quite amusing for me; I fancied it a "psychological warfare" of sorts (a war which I WON!!!). Every time I reflect on these experiences, I recount the memories with fondness.
  4. Well, something rather fascinating happened at my workplace yesterday. Some folks in the break room where I work were talking about how one of my co-workers had a crush on another (I didn't know whether that was true - I have a feeling it wasn't). That lead to my manager stating that "everyone in Park City is dating each other". I replied that that wasn't true -- I'm not dating anyone ... and I live in Park City! Then, my manager said to me, in a joking tone of voice, "What's wrong with you?" I did not reply to that ... as I was already on my way out the door by that point. Before I exited fully, however, others were commenting to me about finding the "perfect someone". I said that I'd already found that perfect someone -- me! They seemed to ignore that fact and they kept talking. However, here is my clever (and hilarious) retort aimed at my manager for saying "What's wrong with you?": -- There's nothing wrong with me for choosing not to date. What's wrong with YOU for thinking there's anything wrong with me for choosing not to date? (NOT in a joking tone of voice) Even though, yes, my manager was joking when she said "What's wrong with you?", that still doesn't make it OK. I experienced aro-phobia in action in that moment.
  5. Even if you do want to get married, who cares if a "good Indian boy" will like the haircut?! Be authentic to yourself! Speak your truth! Also, who says you have to marry someone of your nationality? When it comes to marriage, let your heart be the wind.
  6. An aromantic moment for me was encountering the following video, and agreeing that it may explain the relationship between aromantics (and asexuals) and social norms.
  7. Did you know that, in China, there's an unofficial holiday for those who aren't in relationships? It's called Singles Day. As aromantics, let's take a few moments to celebrate ourselves!
  8. I love the fact that I feel freer as an aro. For example, I don't get crushes, which I think lock a person into a mental prison. I will not desire to spend thousands for a wedding, because I'm never going to get married. Without the burden of commitment to a romantic relationship, I can focus on other things in my life, such as school.
  9. I am the youngest. I have an older sister who is about seven years older than I am. I have a cousin in my family who is gay, but no other LGBT+ people, to my knowledge.
  10. I'd rather live in Nazi Germany than get married.
  11. Well, I was thinking that, since you mentioned that you love science, and Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell covers a variety of scientific topics, you would enjoy that channel.
  12. Have you ever heard of a YouTube channel called Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell?
  13. @homonoromo17 You've mentioned that you feel bad for hurting your ex-girlfriend, and in the short run, you may have. However, in the long run, I think you actually helped her. Think of it this way: You were a stepping stone for her on her way to finding her forever someone, and now, she's free to explore once again. While in your relationship, I'm sure you both learned things about yourselves. To answer your question directly, yes, I think you did the right thing breaking up with your girlfriend, and no, I don't think you needed to wait a little longer to see if the relationship was going anywhere. From your post, it sounds like you had already been in the relationship long enough to figure out it wasn't going anywhere. "Waiting a little longer" is a human reaction to many life circumstances, I think. I've noticed it in my own life (though not with romantic relationships, as I've never been in one).
  14. What about in Spider-Man: Far From Home? There were two romantic subplots in that one, both of which I think are pointless (though I don't mind them ultimately). The first one was between Peter Parker and a girl from his school, MJ. The second was between Peter's friend and another girl. I think the movie's main plot could have survived without either relationship.
  15. Hello, I just visited the leaderboard and saw that my previous account, @The Angel of Eternity, was first place in reputation points a few days ago. So, what are reputation points?
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