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  1. The worst I've ever had was back at university. There was a girl who would follow me around and take pictures of me, pretending it was something different. My cousin sat behind her in one class and saw her zooming in on pictures of me the entire class. When I was around her, she said things indicating she was only happy around me, and that she had been dealing with suicidal thoughts. I was still a teenager and didn't know how to handle the situation like i would now, it really freaked me out at the time. You guys got any stories? I feel as an aro, we are kind of immune to those obsessive thoughts.
  2. Those are interesting answers that put it into a perspective I didn't think about. Forbidden fruit..interesting
  3. That's for sure what I would have done when I was younger. I guess I'm becoming de-sensitized to it because what she did isn't that uncommon out here.
  4. I think its better if you keep it private. I've thought about outing myself, but its true when they say "some things are better left unsaid"
  5. My co-worker was never keen on the guy she was set to get married, and she has always liked me over the years. She tried to kiss me on the lips at work, where I just pulled away. Then she kept complaining about the guy she is with, and would be "can't you just marry me and have 2 wives?" She wasn't joking. I would just politely laugh her off. But instead it made her mad and she threw garbage at my head, and now has blocked off contact from me. ------------- I keep telling you guys, this stuff is so foreign to my aromantic mind. Why the heck would I want 2 wives and why on earth would she want that kind of drama. She is a pretty lady. She looks like the singer pink, except long hair. I find everyone weird except myself (when it comes to romance)
  6. I'm sorry you are going through this. I dont know much about Grey. What's the difference between that and aro
  7. No no no, the homeopathic remedy causticum. It's in a dilution where there isn't causticum in it (whatever potency they make it) That's why there is argument homeopathy is just sugar pills, which i understand the argument. Lol you made me laugh though
  8. I don't know if you're indicating you don't believe in homeopathy. But there is a toddler with autism in my family and she changes drastically when we give her causticum. She doesn't know we are giving her anything. It was by seeing this i decided to try it, but I understand if you don't believe it.
  9. Well, what I was seeing him for was ADHD with auditory processing problems. The next day I felt really different, I was experiencing some kind of euphoria. By day 3 I felt a lot more emotional as a whole, and more confident in myself. Maybe around day 5 I noticed I was attracted to people I'm usually not. It Made me kinder and more affectionate to my wife, as I just felt more emotions to her. It's really hard to explain, but as I said, it went away after 3 weeks. It was weird being attracted to people who usually are as attractive as a chair to me at baseline.
  10. There is a popular homeopathic doctor where I'm from. I have other problems I was seeing him for. Surprisingly, he asked me about my attraction to people. I told him I don't find women attractive like I want to. I lost almost all of it when I was sexually abused when I was younger. I also lack emotion (I've wondered if I'm a psychopath, but I do feel empathy). He said he believes a lot of my problem is suppressed emotions, so he gave me staphysagria. WHOA!!!!!!! I spent the next 3 weeks drooling at women everywhere I went. I was completely attracted to a co-worker, who I wasn't before, among other people. The emotions and everything were intense and very pleasurable. I've now gone back to being to how i was before, no emotion and a lack of attraction. But I cant wait to follow up with this doctor soon.
  11. A long time ago my brother brought up thinking I might be asexual (because he couldn't understand why I never wanted a girlfriend). I dismissed the idea because I am attracted to women, but its mostly aesthetic attraction. It's very hard to reach sexual attraction, but it does happen. Because of that I didn't know I was aromantic until somebody told me online. Because of that I might bring it to him, but yeah I think my family won't be overly cool with it (as you mentioned)
  12. I've considered outing myself as an aro in my real life. I think "some things are better left unsaid". A couple reasons I don't want to: I don't think my wife or family would understand. They might interpret that I'm completely lost to the world of love and feel nothing. It's just misinterpretations. People don't understand what you're going through until they're in your shoes. -------- Reasons I want to: I'm worried I've offended a lot of people in the past, some women thinking we had a connection. It turned out I didn't feel that way and I think they took it to heart. Perhaps outing myself would offer them consolation.
  13. No worries. That's the answer I'm looking for. I've never researched aesthetic attraction, but it might be what I feel.
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