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  1. I say ‘I love you’ to my partner and my friends, but that’s just me. If it makes you uncomfortable, then you don’t have to do it! There are other ways to express love other than verbally
  2. Something I realized some time after figuring out I was aromantic and started to analyze the kind of relationships I wanted instead of the kind society taught me to want, it was not a hard conclusion to come to that I was polyamorous. It’s a strange combination if you don’t know about QPRs, and it’s one of those things where I wonder if I’ll ever get more than one QPP at a time. I have a wonderful partner right now and we’ve both expressed a desire to have other partners and/or a polycule, but we’ve yet to find anyone. I don’t see it talked about too much (I could always juts be looking in the wrong places) but I wanted to hear about the experience of other polyam aros (a little bit cause I’m curious, a little bit to reassure myself that more than two exist).
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve been on this website but I’m back! A lot has changed for me- I’ve figured out more of my sexual orientation and gender identity, I’ve gained a wonderful group of very accepting friends, and I have a QPP!!! She’s very lovely. Anyway, I hope y’all’ve been good ^_^

  4. This would depend on two things. One- the aro person’s willingness to be in a QPR or something similar and two- how quickly my alloromantic friend falls in love. See, if it was my best friend, who has a tendency to develop crushes really quickly, I would discourage her from pursuing a relationship with them but if it was one of my friends who don’t fall in love as quickly then I would tell them to talk to the aro person and see if they’re open to some kind of relationship. In the end, that would also be my advice to someone like my best friend, but I’d also be like ‘it’s prolly not a good idea’ as well.
  5. This is a question for all you aros who have been in intimate relationships or have been intimate with another person. Do you remember your first kiss? I was in one real relationship and it lasted two and a half years. During that time, I know I kissed the girl I was with hundreds of times but I can’t remember my first one. I remember pretty much every other first in that relationship except for that one. I wanted to know if that was an aro thing or me/that relationship thing.
  6. I always find it incredibly interesting that most aro people who take these polls are female and the second most is non-binary. The non-binary one makes sense, we've done a lot of research on LGBT+ orientations and are more likely to have chanced on the word and explored it more open-mindedly but female... I guess guys are typically more 'queer-shamed' than girls so maybe guys are less likely to take pride in their aromantisim or maybe even discover it. I don't know, this is just speculation, but I am very curious and fascinated by this kind of stuff.
  7. I'm an athiest and I actually think that it helped me to discover and accept my aromanticism better, though it didn't have a direct impact. For one, when I became an atheist, I had to completely rethink how I thought of the world down to the fundamental parts of my mortality. Having already done that once, when I discovered I was aromantic, I had to rethink everything I thought I would have in the future. I had to rethink my values when it came to relationships of every kind. It was a lot easier doing that after already having to have done it once.
  8. I totally understand the math bit. I super passionate about writing fiction and fantasy and I do joke to myself about writing being the closest to being in love I've ever gotten lol. I also slip into weird, semi-poetic rants and I'm told I talk like I'm writing a book, so I understand that haha Welcome to Aropocalypse, it sounds like you've contributed a lot to the aro-spec community already lol you're definitely more of an activist than I am
  9. What’s your ideal “date” with your non-romantic partner? Mine is cuddling on the couch watching Monty Python movies and discussing life
  10. So, I was just reading The Adventure Time Encyclopedia and Hunson Abadeer called love an abomination and now my new headcannon is that he's aro
  11. I'd rather have a bunch of snek friend than get married
  12. no one's posted here for a while
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