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  1. If you dont know me, hi, my name is Mac. I call myself a trans guy*. Although technically, I'm a demiguy, a non-binary identity. So, as its probably apparent, I don't call myself non-binary. I've gotten a little bit of confusion over that so I've had time to think... Why don't I? I, in no way, have ever experience the hardships of being non-binary. I've never experience harassment over my identity (apart from transphobes who say i'm going to hell.) I dress almost solely masculine, I use pretty much exclusively male pronouns in public / social spaces. Pretty much, I'm more male than I am agender, so it doesn't make sense to me to call myself NON-binary. I'm more just..not totally-binary. SO, my question- Is it ok that i dont consider myself non-binary, even while identifying as a label under its umbrella?
  2. Uhhh, theres not really one particular reason. I used the term bisexual for approx. eight years before I started feeling like it wasn't the correct fit. Im attracted to everyone, except as my sexuality suggests, I'm only attracted to feminine and androgynous presenting people, with no attraction to masculine presenting people.
  3. I've had these thoughts for awhile now but. I really hate my identity. I hate my labels. I called myself bisexual for MULTIPLE YEARS, and yet now, bisexual doesn't feel right at all. I can't use pan either. So I'm stuck using microlabels. And i really like the term i use, I think it suits me really well, but at the same time I despise it because I always feel like people are judging or bashing me for using microlabels. Even tho there's nothing wrong with them. I feel content with my labels. I feel comfortable with my labels. And they're MY LABELS so it shouldn't even matter what other people say about them and yet. I wish I could take my anxiety riddled brain and s c o o p. Trash bin.
  4. I personally knew i wanted top as soon as i realised it was an option, but its not uncommon for trans or NB people to not want surgery at all, or take time figuring out if they do or don't. The best thing you can really do is look into it, genuinely. Deep dive into surgical procedures, look at before and after photos. (Obviously be careful! Don't trigger yourself.) If you want even, try getting referred to a surgeon. I recently just had a consultation with my surgeon this past month, and talking with her really helped me sort out the needed details without having to have anything paid for or set up with any solidity. Good luck on whatever you decide to go ahead with!
  5. Heya! I'm new here, so while this doubles as an introduction, its also a vent of sort. I recently figured out I'm aro. Like within the past six months kinda recent. Originally I was going by greyromantic, then greyromantic and quoiromantic. Just earlier tonight while looking for a place like this, i found the term idemromantic, which ive seen described as both of the labels i have been / was using so, that"s exciting. So, around this time i realised, two big things happened. I broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years, and i met a new person who I've, somewhat unfortunately, began crushing on. In case youre curious, i split with my boyfriend, lets call him C, because i was struggling with mental health issues, along with my own identity (both sexually and romantically) and i figured it was best i had some time alone to kinda sort things out. My labels I've mostly sorted out, mental health not so much but that's kinda the norm for me. Although I've had to come to the understanding that i dont find him attractive in the way I previously thought i had, and have no interest in pursuing a future romantic relationship with him:/ Now, when i met this new person, lets call her J, I knew her as this asexual (sex repulsed) panromantic. I mention this bc it leads into my current concerns. So; an asexual person and an aromantic person crushing on one another. Sometimes i really hate the gods. After a not so brief existential crisis over my identity and feelings i finally realised that yes, I vibe with her in a not so platonic way. I really, really, like J. Although as of right now we're both solid on wanting to be single so we're just semi-flirty friends. And it kinda kills me. I've been in a lot of relationships, and most of them i've felt like ive fricked up, so my brain has been trying to distance myself from her i think. I dont want to screw it up, but by not texting her I already am, and its just messy and ugh. As of now she's come to realise shes not asexual, but she's still repulsed and I constantly worry that when we meet up I might accidentally do something that makes her uncomfortable or upset without realising and AHH. Anyways- thank you if you've read all this.....disaster.
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