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Ace of Amethysts

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On 23/02/2017 at 9:06 PM, DeltaV said:

Another random stupidity:


Wonder who understands this (googling for it is cheating)... :D


Forth really is a stupidity.

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On 8/23/2017 at 4:59 AM, Momo said:

Forth really is a stupidity.

Forth is certainly super-esoteric and so there's no good reason to learn it. Aside from that, I don't know if it's a bad programming language. Software development is like a black art for me, anyway, I don't know what to think about it and go with the masses.


Still, we live in a world where teenagers embarrass multi-billion dollar software companies, all my apps are buggy in some way and we have massive :facepalm:-moments, which we don't see in any other industry:

If I compile with -Wall (enable all warnings), neither GCC 4.8.2 or Clang 3.3 from Xcode make a peep about the dead code. That's surprising to me. A better warning could have stopped this but perhaps the false positive rate is too high over real codebases?


C has many quirks and weird subtleties (again, I don't know if it's good or bad!), but at least it can be easily comprehended fully by a single human. For C++ even this isn't true anymore. Probably C++ manages to surprise even Bjarne Stroustrup sometimes. ;)


And while I know C inside-out, C++ feels downright scary for me in its baroque complexity. Because:


  [On finding a large firework called "Python"] Showing a remarkable similarity to the programming language bearing the same name, the Python firework was easy to light and produced spectacular results.
  "Does Perl have a firework? NOOOOOOOO!" I said.
  If Perl had a firework, it would probably have 4 different fuses, 2 electric starters, a solar mirror so you could light it without matches, and three different kinds of flint. I'd probably still be trying to figure it out.
  A C firework would produce a louder, faster explosion and blow off my foot. C++'s firework would be even more spectacular, taking off my leg and killing some of the children around me.
    — Joey deVilla




So, is software development in a pathological state like “chemistry” before Lavoisier? It seems to me that way every day, though it would be a serious case of Dunning-Kruger syndrome for me to claim that it is. Maybe it's just the best that can be done.

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There are about 4 grams of iron in the blood of an average male human

About 40lbs of iron is necessary to forge a full set of medieval armour




You need to kill at least 4536 people to make a set of medieval armour

Sounds like a lot but it will eventually add up so I think it’s worth it (wait actually please don’t)

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Why does Margaret Hamilton look like Amy Farrah Fowler?


Further important news for today:


There are countless ways Americans stand out abroad: the white tennis shoes, the shorts, the trail of fires we leave in our wake when cooking simple meals.


Italian newspaper La Nazione reported on Monday that three 20-year-old students abroad in Florence attempted what countless citizens of the world accomplish with ease every day: boiling pasta. The students, however, neglected to add any water, let alone boil it. They dropped a bunch of dry noodles in a pot. Which promptly caught fire.


The group called the fire department, which extinguished the fire (possibly with water?). The fire department took the whole thing in stride and insisted that they didn't know how to make pasta either. That seems unlikely, but it's a nice gesture.


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