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So many kids movies have "the moment of shame"


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I was thinking a random thought, about movies aimed at kids. The way they are structure so many of them have the lowest moment of the movie be a moment were the main characters is shamed by other people. Like: Ice Age, Shrek, Toy Story, A bugs life ... I feel like there are more but I can't think of them.
Just something I thought about and wanted to share to see if anyone agrees.

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Wow, this escalated in another direction quickly :rofl:


Back to kids movies... one that really really bugged me was Peabody and Sherman.


First of all, he's got a friggin' time machine, but they have to stop playing with it because he has to send his kid to school... where he then gets bullied by some horrible little girl, and... get this. He tells his son that the reason she's bullying him is because she likes him. I was kind of just barely tolerating the stupidness of the movie until that point, but that was the last straw. No kids should ever be told that abusive people are doing it out of affection. I think there were many moments of shame in that movie though, and while the other movies you mentioned have kind of an uplifting 'ending' kind of thing where they rise above it, the "lessons" in this crappy movie seem to be to blindly forgive abusive people and maybe if you're lucky they'll be your friend, and that school is somehow better than having a time machine... O.o Mr Peabody is supposed to be this super genius, but he's really actually very dumb.


Should I even put this in spoiler tags? The movie spoiled itself... :P  Fine, I'll do it anyway... but yeah, now that you mention it, 'shame' does seem to be a theme in a lot of animated movies. Probably because it's a feeling most (or all) kids can relate to very easily. If you think about it, kids (in general) really do get shamed quite a lot, even unintentionally. They get invalidated, not many people actually take kids seriously (oh, they're just being kids, oh it's just a phase, oh that's adorable)... etc. I'm gonna stop now. :P

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@Louis Hypo not only talk, they sing! it really changes the perspective of a hunt though

Lion: gonna get ya, gonna get ya!

Gazelle: No! not me, take a zebra! they have bad attitudes to global warming! 

Lion: getting closer, getting closer

Gazelle: Nooooooooooo

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