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What you say when you are asked who your crush is and you have never had one

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Reenactment of my convos 


"So who's your crush?"




"What do you mean no who is it?"


"Ugh you're annoying just tell me, is it *insert name*?" 


"Then who? Just tell me!!!"



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I've had "crushes" (more like plushes or squishes).  I'm still aro.

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Posted (edited)

"None at the moment. Wanna change that? ❤"

I pretty much used that before. It didn't take long before they left me alone for good. 😼

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Things that have happened to me:


Person: "Do you like me or not?"

Me: "I'm not registered to vote."


Person: *squeals like a little kid who just got the toy they have been wanting for years* "You like [person I still don't know]."

Me: "WHO THE F•CK IS [person I still don't know]."

Person: "Your crush."

Me: "Well if they don't exist then why are you telling me about them?"


Me: *Says hi to a friend*

Person: "Oooooooo~ You like him."

Me: "Its so sad to see so many people disregard friendship and tell blatant lies."

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