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Hi everyone! I'm Nix and I'm aromantic and pansexual, and so happy I found this forum through AVEN. I realized I was aro mostly because every relationship I've been in I was like "nopnopnopnop this makes me very uncomfortable and I want to break up before we even start dating," (I realize this isn't the case for everyone) and I'm romance-repulsed only when it's directed at me. Otherwise I'm like the most basic with ships and fanfiction (Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are my life). I thought I was demiromantic for a really long time because friendship first was so important to me until I realized that romance just isn't my thing at all. 

My favorite thing in the whole world is singing and performing and music. I can play the trumpet and I know some piano by ear, and I'm a total band geek. I like video editing a lot too. I also love witchcraft and watching youtubers (esp Game Grumps). I recently moved to Cali, and I voice chat with internet friends almost every day! If you wanna get to know me hmu :D

I really like anime and Sherlock and nature and crystals and memes and eating spaghettios with meatballs out of the can. I know what you're thinking: "hot." Thanks I know.


Jokes aside I really wanna get to know some of you guys! Feel free to reply to this c:

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Welcome to Arocalypse! :icecream::softserve: I love singing too, although it's a pretty new hobby for me. 


If you want to chat and get to know some people, you can check out the Arocalypse Discord server. That's where a lot of people hang out. Here is the thread introducing it. 

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