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Breakfast at TPBY's

the more the merrier

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Invite TPBY on an Arcade adventure! Share boba together, a wholesome picnic, or… invite yourself to their place for breakfast? (This title is also grammatically problematic.) Go on holiday together!

Befriend TPBY!

If you’re especially enthused by a suggestion: firstly, accept the offer above you & secondly, share an invite of your own for TPBY!

(No adventures are required to play out in the real world! Let's frolic, new fronds!)

Shall we begin?

I would love to sample ice-skating for the first time! TPBM, let’s go together!

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I've been ice skating before (even on a natural lake)! I'm not great, but maybe I can help you start. Sounds fun! Thank you for the invitation. =)


Dearest PBM: skydiving is on my bucket list. Care to attend indoor skydiving training with me?

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*gasp!* Our one true Admin, turned gentleman thief? It would be an honour to serve! This will be the most spectacular British heist since Aardman's The Wrong Trousers. I'll meet you on the rooftops!

Dearest PBM (lovely phrasing!), I'm concocting a little arospec-friendly ice-cream to celebrate the end of Aro-Spec Awareness Week! :aroicecream: Please would you be my taste-tester?

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