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  1. I always use Bumble Bff side to make new Friends. Its chill because nobody wants more then that and well I also mentioned on both my Profiles that I'd like to try a QPR. I but it on Bunble BFF as well because I think the chance to find someone on that 'Level' might be higher. I don't expect much but maybe I find some close friends :>
  2. I never dated with this intention, but I am starting to try QPR. I know you wrote you don't search for that but I feel like its a similar Problem. I am wondering how to do that . Many people just skip your profile when they see 'Aromantic' without thinking twice. But not making it clear from the beginning is also really stressfull and I don't know... My dates, never were romantic in the first place necause I act so casual and friendsy around my dates that I get 'Friendzoned' immediately. Maybe searching for a BFF would be the right course... Some of my friends told me that they were so close with their BFFs that they cuddle and Kiss. (Though I really don't know how tgey got there) Sorry for not being so much of a help ><
  3. Thank you @arokaladin in, your words really helped me and now that I feel that I am not alone with my struggles... I feel better
  4. Yes... Its been a hard year. I am very good a keeping friends. I reach out to them and they reach out to me. But over the last year everything started to feel shallow since chatting and discord talks took over. I hate that, I just feel disconnected from them and I need that emotional bond. People started to keep things to them selfes and I noticed that from me too. Normaly I don't mind sharing my feelings but recently I feel bad oversharing maybe because they stopped doing it too. I feel lonely even while not alone.
  5. I am also from NRW and searching for Aro meetups. Its so hard to find other aros with who you can connect with.
  6. Yes, thanks! I have heard of it and I thought that may be the reason ehy it hurtsbso much to distant myself from all of that. I need to dive more into that topic. I... might want to be alone... But recently I also don't want to. Back then, when I had school I never felt lonely, yes the oblivious young me dreamed about tacky cute realtionships but was alrigut without it... but now that I can't see my friends everyday for a couple of houres I feel frequently like I need a companion. The enotional bonds become less and less... I just don't know how to deal with that aching lonely feeling. I am sorry for being such a crybaby.
  7. Hello, So... I am new to the Aromantic Spec, because... It sounds so negativ but I've always hoped that I am not Aro. I always loved (still do) the idea od dating, couples etc. I read cute fabfictions since I am 12 and always thought 'love will find me one day'. At some point I started dating, but never felt something but unease. The Idea of kissing is so sweet but doing it... My first kiss was SO disgusting, I wanted to puke (I felt indifferend to any kiss after that first one). Back then I thought 'You feel that way because its not the right one.. Yet.' Then I came to the conclusion that I am Demiromantic, cause my friends are the only ones I feel really close with. Sometimes I get this 'I would be ok with dating you but not dating you is okay as hell as well.' But after 22 years of being single and never having a crush on a real person I started to rethink. I always feel unconfirtable when it comes to romantic expectations of others. I an Ace for a while now, and at the beginning I thought it was the sexual pressure that pulled me away... But no... I am so confused because. The idea of a QPR seems so perfect to me. At the same time I am always nervous around people I get to close to. I am stiff and overthink and... I don't even kbow what I am trying to get at here. Maybe just some support or your experieces on finding out what you want. I just don't want to be alone. I want to have a person for me... And at the same time I just want to be alone. Please have a beautiful day!
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