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Unconventional title? Check.

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I'm an asexual, sapioromantic, gender nonconformist, know-it-all that says "fuck it" to labels because why do I really need to announce who I am to the world?


Because of this, I really never really bothered trying to grab at labels until people started bothering me about it. You a boy or girl? Fuck if I know. Sexuality? The fuck is that? Romantic? Um... I guess? Who the fuck really cares?


Well, apparently people do, so here I am parading my labels and trying to find people whose labels don't match mine, because having people that agree with you all the time is no fun. Can't have people call you an asshole and a dick when they're all agreeing with you.


So, yeah, I'm a sarcastic asshole that says what he thinks and doesn't give a shit. I only have two rules in life: Don't be a dick, and debates are never childish arguments. Other than that, if you're cool with me than I'm cool with you. Why? Because why the fuck not? I'll make myself comfortable and poke around with a stick. I'm sure I'll find my way around somehow.

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Welcome to Arocalypse, @Thom :icecream:




3 hours ago, Louis Hypo said:

Actually heads-up, childish arguments may start if you debate on the wrong thread, but ignoring users by going into settings is a very good tool to use.


I'm not convinced that the ignoring option is the best in terms of aggregate happiness, because the one whom you ignore may be hurt more than an average person by 'being rejected'.


The problem is that it's hard for autistic spectrum people to communicate with people with borderline personality (yes, there are such folks on Arocalypse) because the former express logical arguments better than emotions but the latter can become very emotional to the point where their logic temporarily 'turns off' and they become prone to splitting. When these two personality types meet in a thread, it's likely to explode, which can however be prevented by using communication guidelines (which I, sadly, didn't know until yesterday).


I'm thinking of a solution for highly sensitive people, probably an analog of (h)AVEN (when AVEN is down, search for this URL in Google and look the cached copy up).

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