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Why can't people get the definition? Just a rant

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I hesitated because it nos a big thing, but I am still furious and I need to complain lol.


So, I am French, so I watched English-speaking show dubbed in French or with French subtitles. I can read English but it is harder to understand when people speak, though the more I hear th more it gets easier.


I was watching Bojack Horseman (which is an awesome show by the way) with English subtitles. In this show, a character is discovering his asexuality. So there is the episode where this character thinks that asexual can't get married. Another character explains that some characters do get maried, and that « some are aromantic ». That's exactly what she says « some asexual are also aromantic ».

Now, if you speak French, you may think : the subtitles probably wrote : « certains asexuels sont aussi aromantiques ».

Well, no.

The subtitles wrote : « some asexuals are against any relationship » (« certains asexuels sont contre toute relation »).


1) If the person who make subtitles thought « aromantic » was not clear for people who are not a-spec, why didn't they write something like « they don't fall in love ». That simplifies things but it is more accurate.

2) I am not against relationship. If instead of « some asexuals are in couple like anyone else », the character said « some asexuals are alloromantic », would they have translated that as « some asexuals are against singlehood » ? Would they define heterosexuality as « being against homosexuality » ? I don't think so.

3) Where this « any relationship » came from ? Is romance the only relationship that exist ? (or romance and sex as I suppose it was implied « against romantic or sexual relationship ») Friendship is a relationship. Family is a relationship. And I am probably forgetting others too. The definition is « not attracted to romance », not « being an hermit » (though if an aromantic person is also an hermit, they are totally valid).


And the weirdest thing is : it is only the case in the subtitles. If you listen to the dubbed French version, she says the same thing as in English. So this is just the people who write subtitles that decided they will spread wrong ideas. And that's what makes me furious. There is this show that wants to be inclusive, and the subtitles were like « nope, let's ruin it for all the people who watch in vostfr ». That's not fair.


And I'll add it is not the first time something like this happen. It is related to asexuality, not aromanticism. But I remember a show (I think it was The end of the fucking world) that mentions briefly asexuality, and the French version didn't say the word. That's so weird.


As I said it is not a big thing, but my, that made me so angry for some reason.

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Some US/UK shows have english subs that tweak the original speech - probably in part due to the length of the subs and time needed to read them before the next sentence.

Youtube auto subs are the worst for that.

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4 hours ago, nonmerci said:

As I said it is not a big thing, but my, that made me so angry for some reason.

It is still valid and I would categorize it as a microaggression.  It is the small things that can accumulate and make in the future a bigger problem. Aro erasure is a thing that happens daily, we can only hope to bring awareness so the world knows about us and the future generations do not have to suffer the same things we do in the present.

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That is frustrating. I’m hard of hearing and have an auditory processing disorder so I use captions most of the time. The amount of stuff that is paraphrased, cut out, and changed from the audio drives me crazy. Sometimes the meaning is still there, they just reworded it and other times they change what was said enough that the meaning is different. And I’m watching original English audio with English captions so there is no translation needed. 

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