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  1. Salut Théo. Les étiquettes donnent de la précision à la réflexion, mais ne sont en effet pas indispensables. Bienvenue, et heureux d'avoir un français de plus (il y a aussi au moins nonmerci).
  2. So true! 15 km yesterday. Awaiting a new pair of special shoes today TPBM is proficient with chopsticks
  3. Happy to have all my time as "me-time" (even when working 😇) and to be relieved of the weight of making someone else happy. Egotist? Narcissist? Nope - aro/self-centered and master of my domain 🔆
  4. Quite true 🦀 with/without mayo TPBM knows a sure-fire remedy to hiccup
  5. A lot of questions... I would suggest that you focus first on what you CAN control, this being what YOU want Solve yourself first or you won't be in any position to be comfortable with your positioning Gnothi seauton, nosce te ipsum...
  6. For all francophones: next week, a series of 4 docs on the topic of "Vivre sans sexualité" (Living without sexuality" on France Culture in the "La Série Documentaire" https://www.franceculture.fr/emissions/series/survivre-sans-sexe 1hour each. On air from Monday 12 to Thursday 15, or podcast later each day. Not aromanticism yet, but a lot of us here are in the ace loop!
  7. It's foolish to project your expectations onto any object over which you have no control. Same pattern goes for fantasies. If you really care, you need to express yourself - clearly. Should the reply be a no, there is nothing you can do but accept it. Consent is paramount.
  8. Biochemistry of course + learning processes. All the natural variations + environmental stresses and pressures. Reproductive urges/necesity + cultural/civilisational attitudes... It's so simple...😉
  9. Some US/UK shows have english subs that tweak the original speech - probably in part due to the length of the subs and time needed to read them before the next sentence. Youtube auto subs are the worst for that.
  10. I think I catch some of your meaning - I'm not a strong believer in belonging in a "community". That's outside my cultural upbringing and - hence ? - tastes and preferences. Nonetheless, I'm all for solidarity or banding together to attain a common purpose, but I really like to do things my own personal way. I certainly don't expect validation from others whom I don't know personally, but I may value their input for better understanding and positioning myself. Aren't we veering off topic?
  11. Everything would be much simpler if humans still had functional pheromones receptors... inconclusive research but something to look if you want to go down that rabbit hole. I think that attraction implies a pull and not a push.
  12. Just a couple of thoughts. I would venture that most (if not all) aros (by any description) are rather self-sufficient (I'm trying to find the right nuance here from my original French, translation is always chancy), so your idea of "best having a quiet time" would be within the spectrum of what's expectable. Aromantic culture: does such a thing really exist? even as a sub-culture? Honestly I have no idea but then again I haven't been paying attention to that for long enough (or have been involved in too much of a quiet time 😉
  13. Hi. No doubt your choice of academic studies will help you try to sort out your questioning?
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