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Should we have a new aro symbol?


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I love the green rose Idea!


Yeah I can see how multiple rings could be a lot (I'm struggling to get an ace ring as it is, I will be looking for both now though). I know that the black ring is supposed to represent all aspec identities, but I feel like aromatisism and asexuality can be very different in general for a lot of people, so I think that it really is important for us to have our own symbols. I think that two rings wouldn't necessarily be terrible as they are on different hands, although it really is personal choice I guess. 

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I forgot to write some thoughts down.
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7 hours ago, Jot-Aro Kujo said:

...Yes? The question was about an aro ring. I'm aro. This is an aro website

Ah. I misread. I thought the person was asking about the ace ring, not asking if we had an aro equivalent to it. My bad.

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