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Does anyone know any good movies with no romance in them?


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There is always the classic Cujo, but I think it is more than a little bit of horror (though it is so dated the horror is minimised)...and the ending is standardly disappointing as they didn't follow the book. Paranormal Activity series is low on the romance (none in 3, and a bit of teen mush as a sideline in 4).

Urban Legends series is another one low on the romance, the first one probably has the least....just a few scenes at the beginning showing couples before they all start dying off (though the murderer could be said to be driven by love/revenge, so it depends how sensitive you are to supposed romantic-obsessive-dedication murder motivations....I guess you could put Cry Wolf in the same 'twisted love motivations that are sort of fake' category too).

I don't remember there being any romance in The Haunting in Connecticut. A sort of cheesy horror is Jeepers Creepers (the first one) has no romance as the story is about a brother and sister. The sequel Jeepers Creepers 2 (how imaginative a name...) has a like one couple, so a teensy bit of couple stuff, and a lot of homophobic semi-naked men, so homophobic jokes and slurs are present. 

If you want to get strange there is Upstream Color which can be viewed as a story about human connection, but I know some people who watched it were convinced some of the scenes were romantic (but I think they are just some very allo people reacting to a very weird movie).


I'll post more if I think of them, but I am trying to give you the at least semi-decent ones, unlike Keanu Reeves' honestly fairly bad serial killer flick 'The Watcher' which has no romance, but also a sad lack of good editing which really detracts from the wooden performances. 

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On 7/4/2018 at 12:48 AM, eatingcroutons said:

28 Days Later (2002): Sci-fi/horror, and another of my absolute favourite films of all time.

Yay! I forgot to mention this one in my own post as for many many years, way before knowing about aromanticism, I would tell everyone that it was my favourite romantic movie. Technically it is still my favourite romantic* movie.

*romantic in this way being used in the way that that Asexual gets quoted about saying that Tron is the most erotic film. So not at all in the common understanding, but still a deeply effecting movie. 


on the same sort of early 2000s UK splash gore with interesting premise is the soldier vs werewolf movie Dog Soldiers (also 2002). It has been awhile since I watched it, and there is a token female character dropped into a platoon of men who are assumed to be quite starved for life outside of their duties so there might be some noticeable undertones in some interactions, but from what I remember they are more scared/bravado/sexual/hate sort of thing rather than possibly romantic.


EDIT: so I went and watched the movie again (it is awesome ?) and the first 2 minutes 30 seconds does have a couple on a camping adventure, but it is not overtly romantic and it doesn't take long for the screaming to start - and really you can skip those first few minutes even though it does introduce a sort of key point you can still understand the story without it. As for later in the movie there are some very overt sarcastic comments but they are definitely not romantic (definitely the scared/bravado/sexual/hate sort of thing)

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