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  1. I found out through AVEN. I realised I was ace and initially assumed that all aces didn't feel romantic attraction either and was shocked to find out that some aces did! Through AVEN I also discovered that being aro was a 'thing' too.
  2. OK, I'm a little biased in putting this on here as I was one of the contributors to the article! Just to warn you this article is very long and may be a trigger for some people. It's primarily about aromantics and it highlights difficulties we can face. https://standupmag.org/2018/08/10/the-terrifying-power-of-love-the-pressure-aromantic-people-face/ In addition, if you want to do a search on the website of Standup Magazine, there are several other articles about being either asexual or aromantic so it might be worth adding the links of these somewhere to this forum too? I've also posed this on Aven as I know it may strike a cord with some people over there too.
  3. I totally love this - It only came out earlier this month!
  4. I've come across an article about kissing, saying that it's not a human universal thing. Interesting read. http://hraf.yale.edu/romantic-or-disgusting-passionate-kissing-is-not-a-human-universal/
  5. I'm 45 - turning 46 in April!
  6. Hello I came across this site a few days ago after learning about it on AVEN and am finally getting round to saying hello. I'm an Aromantic Asexual (or AroAce) by the way. I discovered that there was a name for what I've always been in an article I came across in the Independent Newspaper in the UK in December 2008. Up until then I identified as Heterosexual (I didn't think I was gay as I wasn't attracted to the same sex). I assumed that at some point I would be attracted to the opposite sex. I tried to go through the motions in various 'romantic relationships' over a 5-6 year period in my late teens/early 20s and assumed that something would 'click in' but it never did. I was always happy on my own but I guess I just felt pressure from society at that time. I did post on AVEN for quite some time in 2009-2010 but then other stuff happened in life and I just wandered away doing other things. Life has been pretty (well actually very) tough these past few years. I think in hindsight this has been because of being an Aromantic Asexual that I've had these difficult situations. Maybe I will share more about this at some point? Anyway, in October 2017 I saw an article on the BBC Website which was on there because of Asexuality Awareness Week. I then went back onto AVEN and did the Census and just started having a bit of a look round (and recently attended a meetup in my home city). For me it's been good just to connect with who I am again after what has been a really difficult time and it feels like coming home. It is good to see that things have moved on in the Asexuality and Aromantic world since then too. What I mean is that when I left AVEN in 2010, Aromantics were saying they wanted their own sub-section (and now here we are with our own forum). Sorry I'm not wording this very well but I can't think how else to say it. Nice to meet you all anyway and sorry that I'm probably a bit old (as I'm 45 years old). Piglet
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