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  1. This is a little old but the movie Ender's Game has no romance in it, the book is phenomenal as well!
  2. I actually have two confessions! 1. It's hard for me to be like happy for my romantic friends when they enter romantic relationships because I guess in my head it's just not that big of a deal. Like you kissed someone what do you want me to do throw a party??? Like I know it makes them happy but why so much?? But then if they break up with their partner and they're sad, then I feel bad. I never interfere with people's relationships (obviously that's pretty messed up, but I don't help them either.) but in my head, I'm always like "meh I don't really care." 2. I'm actually really good
  3. So Angel Cake is now in it's writing stages! I've just started the rough draft a couple weeks ago, it's not going to be released to the public for at least 4-5 weeks though because I'm still releasing my other story. I plan on making a chapter a week so it should have 4-5 chapters by the time it's being released. The grammar in it is probably not going to be that good because as of right I don't have anyone helping me, so please excuse any errors that are in the story, or if you're feeling up to it leave a critique in the comments. I felt this was important, but not important enough for a topic itself??

  4. I was thinking more along the lines of the second option! However, a lot changes whenever I write out the storyline because of plotholes, so it could be a mixture of some of them?? Sorry for replying so late btw I don't have notifications on
  5. I'm a writer and I just finished my recent story (I still have to go through and edit it a million times) and I'm going to be starting a new story called Angel Cake! It's in the outline phase right now, but I have most of the basic plot in my head. It's basically a story about a fallen angel who is working with a friend to try to redeem his angel status. It's going to be a completely romance free story. It's going to be a shorter one, but I thought that it would be something most people on this site would really think is good??? I guess?? I don't know, but I do know it's going to be a while be
  6. Hello! I'm new to this site, and I want to make some friends! I don't have any friends that are aro irl, so I figure I should make some friends here. I'm still figuring out this website so if I'm slow I'm sorry. I'll upload more about me later probably!

    1. time-is-ticking


      Hello and welcome! :aropride: I hope you'll find lots of aro friends here!

    2. IsyKix
    3. lostspaceace


      hello! im always open to converse if u ever want to im looking for other aro friends aswell

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