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  1. Let me break this down when I say crush. Romance is just not my thing and I would much rather go to amusement parks or play sports with my so called S/O. I am a girl, by the way, and i'm about to turn 15 in less than two months. Almost a year ago I figured out I was Aro Ace and the labels felt so fitting I couldn't believe it. It was like a weight of confusion and misery had just been lifted off of me. Now I'm confused again. I was not amused by people moving their bodies around and it felt so uncomfortable when I would watch F*ckboy musically (tik tok) compilations with my friend because she wanted to see some "hot dudes". Now, I still find people attractive but that feel of wanting a relationship was never there with any of them, nor was the feel to have sex. But there is this guy who just really is different. I tried to trick myself into thinking that I was trying to trick myself into liking someone. Ironic, but he really does seem different. I don't know there is just sparks and the feeling of wanting to be closer to him. What makes this feeling even worse is the fact that he likes me back, which just draws me closer. I get I'm only 14 and teenage hormones are everywhere but this is really confusing me. I read that something is only romantic if you make it, and if I was to date this guy would I not be aro ace? I felt so good with the labels and it honestly still feels right and now my mind is everywhere from "Yes I am" to "No I'm not" to, somehow randomly, "The guy". He seemed really sweet and nice when I last talked to him. I was even uncomfortable with typing the word "sparks", it sounds all lovey dovey. I don't know if once a date actually happens I will be uncomfortable but i guess you really don't know until you try. I just need answers. Quick. Cuz I'm scared.
  2. As a kid it’s ingraved in it brainds that our life goals should be and only be to get married and have children. Obviously marriage doesn’t just “make you happy”. About 45% of married couples get a divorce. The other couples could be either forced to stay into married or they think they will be lonely or looked down upon if they divorce.
  3. I was 13 and I had a huge problem with romance songs. My friends and everyone else around was falling out on the floor over Justin Bieber and one direction and I’d just sit there like... whatever. I still cringe at romance in movies. It just seems so cheesy and fake. Seems...cliché. I have a problem with romance in general. Like, PDA, pick up lines, and stuff like that. I noticed that around 13 people start to change and their hormones are just going up and down. While my hormones were going up and down too, that was mainly my moods and body consciousness. In fact I still cover up now. But my friends were just crying over boys, talking about how they were gonna loose there virginity, talking about how they wanted there boobs to be bigger when I was just like... “uhhhh okay” I hated feeling different but when I learned the word asexual and aromantic it was like chains had fallen off of my body. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still some dudes who are EXTREMELY good looking😉
  4. Now, it's this dude who I think is pretty attractive. Which is odd for me to say because it's incredibly rare for me to think someone is attractive enough to daydream over. But this dude is really attractive, at least I think so. But ABSOLUTELY NO sexual attraction is involved. Hugging and kissing and cuddle sound like an amazing thing I'd want to do with him. But then again, when I think about it, I'd get uncomfortable extremely quick. I'm not a touchy-feely person, and I hate when people touch me. I don't like to touch objects that other people have put their hands on (OCD). I feel like if I were to hug him I'd get uncomfortable quick and push away. Or kiss, it sounds great but imagining it can make my skin crawl after a while. But, then again, only dude I've ever hugged was my dad, uncle, grandpa, and other male family members. I have no brothers, so yeah. Help. (Btw, I don't even really wanna date him, it's more like a squish) I only wanna be friends, I think.
  5. A thriller would be nice, and maybe a little bit of horror. Maybe an ethereal vibe or a fantasy but still in the thriller category or adventure.
  6. I tried to explain to her that I was aromantic (and asexual) but she is very closed-minded and kept telling me "I think it will change" or "It might not be this way forever". I'm still worried that it might be a phase but I was so sure that I was aromantic but now she has me questioning again. Should I just stop trying to explain it to her and leave it alone or should I get her mind straight and let her have a piece of my mind. Don't take this the wrong way, she has been an amazing friend of mine for a while and always had my back, so I don't just wanna stop talking to her. I, thankfully, have other friends I can talk to that will shut up and listen but with her I just can't. So what now?
  7. I have seen picture of him. His name is Emil Andersson and even though I am an aro-ace I have always like long hair on guys (only if it worked). I just think he is really good at modeling and nice to look at. I've never talked to him. Thanks for this. It actually did help me :)
  8. I am an aro-ace and there is this really cute boy on the internet. I would never want to date him because i'm aromantic but is it possible that I have a "crush" or just think that he is aesthetically admirable? I very very very very very recently discovered that I am aro so I don't know much, but I know enough that I am aro.
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