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  1. Thanks for the replies, I enjoyed reading them ^^ This definitely opened my perspective around this topic Yes, they are alloromantics. The immortality I had in mind is where one does not experience death physically. Although thinking about it, I didn't consider the possibility until now that the consciousness could die/fade while the immortal body lives on, if that's what you are meaning.
  2. If given the choice would you want to be immortal and why? I'm interested in hearing everyone's views on this topic, particularly with an aromantic perspective. From what I've asked of my allo friends, the pain of out-living their loved ones would be too great to consider it. Of course for us, it would also be difficult to leave behind our friends and family, but I wonder if not being able to become romantically attached to people would change anything.
  3. I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience. I say this because in general it seems easier for most to figure out ones own sexuality first, than their romantic orientation. I can't recall reading anyone having the reverse happen to them. I'll share my own experience with this: I thought I was on the ace-spectrum until fairly recently, since I wasn't really that interested in having sex. But I realised this lack of interest was not caused by lack of sexual attraction, instead it was mainly because of being both touch-averse and socially anxious. I can desire sex - it's just hard to meet the right conditions to the point I would be comfortable enough to act on those feelings. It was easier to believe I was ace so that I didn't have to confront it. It also took me a long time to reach this conclusion partly due to my confidence in being aro, it was easier to assume my romantic/sexual orientations were aligned. And because I had no interest going into romantic relationships, I didn't really have an accessible way to explore my sexuality in a hands-on approach (I'm way to nervous to try anything with someone I don't know). Oh, and one more contributing factor is that I discovered aromanticism through asexuality - I had connected with the idea of being ace first, thus I did not think of going back to re-evaluate until much later.
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