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  1. Hey. I'm pretty sure I'm aromantic, but I want to hear about what other people think. When I was younger I think I would mistake platonic/queerplatonic attraction for romantic attraction. I think it's not romantic because I never think about dating someone I'm attracted to or kissing them, I just think about being great friends (and I really want to hug people who I'm attracted to). Though I still wonder if I'm lying to myself, but I don't even understand what romantic attraction is. I feel platonic/queerplatonic attraction strongly sometimes and that makes me feel like it could be romantic because everyone talks about romance and having crushes on people all the time. And you know how with romance, if the people you have a crush on don't like you back that's very upsetting. It's like that for me when I have a squish on someone and they don't like me or something like that. I'm just very upset that I'm not their friend. Whenever I see the word 'love' I think of platonic love. But platonic love can be as strong as romantic love, right? Can you be really nervous around someone you have a squish on? Because I am. You know how there's 'signs' that could tell you if someone has a crush on you? (ex: blushing around you, nervous, is happy to see you, wants to be around you, you notice them staring at you, thinking about you a lot) Could those things happen if I have a squish on someone?
  2. Yeah same. I can relate to feeling lonely on a platonic level.
  3. What's the difference between romantic and platonic? How is dating someone different from being friends with them? Because from what I know, if you're dating someone you would spend a lot of time with them and go on dates with them. But can't you spend time and go to places with a friend? I'm pretty sure it's different because of feelings, but what makes them different? I know I don't feel romantic attraction, so that's probably why I'm confused about this. But how do you feel a different type of love to someone you're friends with vs someone you're dating? Sorry I'm a very confused aro :(
  4. Hi! Nice to meet you and congrats for learning that you’re on the aroace spectrum! I’m also kind of new here, I joined only a couple days ago. I hope you have a great day/night too! ^^
  5. I’m asexual, so I don’t experience sexual attraction but I do feel sensual attraction. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this good but for me sensual attraction just means that I want physical contact with someone. For example, hugging, holding hands, or cuddling. I usually feel other types of attraction with sensual. Like sensual and platonic/queerplatonic attraction or something like that.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new here, so hopefully I'm doing this right. And I don't know what this post would be considered as so I just picked off topic because maybe it is? I don't really know. I'm aromantic and I have a squish on someone. I want to be best friends or in a qpr (queerplatonic relationship) with her. But, I'm always really nervous around her and I'm pretty sure she thinks I have a crush on her. So she's not really talking to me anymore and she doesn't like me. I'm pretty sad about that, but oh well :/. The thing I have a question about is that over the past few months, when I remember my dreams they're always of her acting rude towards me and making fun of me. I don't remember my dreams a lot of the time and I don't know if dreams actually do mean something. Does anyone think that my dreams mean anything and any advice? Sorry if this is a strange question or something like that. And also sorry for the odd title. It would be very appreciated if someone replies to my post. Thanks!
  7. I can completely relate to your feelings and I have felt a squish like that to someone before. Wanting a qpr with someone is called queerplatonic attraction and that is more intense feelings than platonic attraction.
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