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  1. I feel like I'm somewhere grey aro as I think I have had 2 crushes (may have been 1 as not sure if the first one was an actual one of if it was a mix of being lonely and thinking I'm at uni I'm meant to date now and decide to have a crush on a guy who was nice). I am also prone to mini squishes so may just have had much stronger one of that second person so I get it confused. Its also a kind of thing of I forget about it until I see them and then it goes away after and not strong enough to really feel like I need to do anything and I would be happy with just a friendship and hanging out with t
  2. I've never got valentines day, it just seems very commercialised and I forget it happens unless it was for the shops or the social media posts. I highly doubt it will ever change 😂 Also love the username, starkid for the win
  3. Sure @roboticanary and @MindBeam are you happy to added to a group chat?
  4. hi person help plz you're online and i have a shitty family that idk what to do about



  5. Im not northern but I am in the UK and would be up for an aro meet up somepoint next year when we actually can meet up. Or we could potentially set up a group chat on here for UK aros
  6. Travel - hoping to go to Vietnam next year (virus permitting) to celebrate finishing my masters. I really want to go to South America though, top of the list is Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Plus a 'few' other countries - Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Madagascar. even those will last me quite a few years and I seriously need to find a holiday friend to go with and share flights for them all. Otherwise I love going to concerts of my favourite groups when they actually come to the UK. Actual everyday stuff I enjoy is doing ballet and archery, also want to learn
  7. My sleep deprived mind has just thought of something hilarious this was pre knowing ace and aro existed I was 21 at the time, had gone away on a holiday with small group from a university society and they were predrinking and i was just hanging out with them till they went out and I went to my room. playing have you ever with fingers counting down - needless to say a bunch of uni students against and aroace I really won that with the topics they were saying. I said never had I kissed anyone, at the time I was very proud of myself for not giving into peer pressure and doing
  8. I can probably find much more but this is all I can think of right now When I was 17 I was on a youth holiday with people I had known for years and they were talking about crushes and I said I knew who this other girls crush was from a previous conversation. Turned out you dont keep the same crush over a couple years, really confused me who had yet to have a crush, I think I just assumed you would keep liking them unless you had a falling out which they hadnt. More aro ace thing, as a side point for this I am not anti relationship - Thinking about marriage and just wondering why
  9. Hi, been skulking around here for a couple months now but thought I would finally say hi. Ive been debating if I am on the aro spectrum for a little while now and am slowly coming to terms with it. Currently I am calling myself grey aro but closer to aro as I have had a handful (could easily count on my fingers) 'crushes' in my life I know thats not many with being 23, plus they faded extremely quickly in all but 1 case which goes away till I next see them before going away again. Also becoming aware that some those may well be squishes of I want to be closer friends with you,
  10. Im doing a masters in environmental consultancy now and hope to do environmental research either though a PhD or in a company
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