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  1. Guys I just found an awesome short film about being aroace and queerplatonic relationships that I think you should check out. It’s pretty good.
  2. Heyo, here's yet another new Discord link. Wish there was a better way to do this.
  3. PSA: Don’t let society tell you that there’s a wrong way to love. If you are all happy with the arrangements put into place, don’t let society tell you that your love is wrong or inferior. Even if it’s not even close to the way movies and books say it should feel, and having a relationship like that grosses you out. Love is love. 💛

  4. Or, is the way people write about it a hyperbole? Because it sure as heck sounds like it. Is it really so strong that you feel compelled to obsess over that person (which doesn't seem healthy) and seemingly make everyone else in your life second best? I'm sorry if I come off as negative here but I'm scared that all my friends will leave me for a partner, and then I'll be alone since I don't want/barely understand that kind of relationship.
  5. No, thank goodness. and if it ever does, I won’t hesitate to be blunt about my lack of interest. I don’t consider myself to be a mean person by nature, but sometimes it’s the only way to get them to leave you the heck alone.
  6. Hey everybody. I’m curious if anyone else has ever experienced this. Well I mean i’m pretty sure there’s at least one person out there who has, but I’d still like to have a discussion about this. So like I know there are aros out there who are oblivious as heck of romantic intentions, and I was too at one point, the first guy who had (or at least admitted that he had) a crush on me didn’t seem to make any advances (or what I would categorize in my allopedia as advances) until he flat out told me that he had a crush on me. And rather than feeling happy like I thought I should, instead I felt uncomfortable and kinda betrayed, but that’s a story for another time. thing is, ever since then, especially when I[m on my period and my emotions are high, I always read way deeper into every interaction I have with people near my age, but mostly with boys because heteronormativity am I right? I find myself thinking stuff like: Oh no, did he offer to help because he has feelings for me, whatever that means? Or He’s been talking to me an awful lot, what if… please no! And it’s exhausting because I wish that I could just go on innocently being friends with people, but I really have a bad habit of thinking deeply into every little thing. Helpful in English class, not so much in real life, unfortunately.
  7. How do you mention someone on here? I've tried typing @ and their username but that doesn't work. I'm using a screenreader so that might have something to do with it, but if anyone could give me advice I'd really appreciate it.
  8. True! Merida is an arrowace icon! tbpm still feels like a kid @BlueKumul Are we allowed to go more than once?
  9. So I randomly thought up this lovesong for queerplatonic partners. Since I can only write the lyrics for now I'll do so, then share the audio of me singing it so you will know the mellody when I figure out a good way to do it. But for now, here are the lyrics: Your Something Verse 1: I never want to be your one and only, Not interested in fulfilling your every need, I simply want to be there when you get lonely, A unique love growing from a custom made seed. Chorus: I wanna be your something. Don't wanna be your everything, Let me be your something, A unique love that flies on custom wings. I wanna be your something, Cuz we both know one size does not fit all, Let me be your something. I'll give you space, but lift you when you fall. That's all I have for now, I might think up more verses, we'll see. Also if anyone knows of a good place to upload the audio so I can link it here, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! ☺️
  10. Someone who is extremely bubbly and cheerful, would go above and beyond for their friends, but honestly doesn't understand romance as a concept, saying things like: "Isn't that just close friendship with more rules?" "Isn't dating just hanging out but fancier and more stressful?" "Did you just put your tongue into their mouth! Yuck! Why would you do that?" "I don't understand why you're so sad about breaking up, can't you still be friends and stuff?" "Just friends? What's just about friendship?" "Friend Zone? That sounds like an awesome place, can I move there?" "Why cuddle with just one person?" "(when asked if their best guy friend is their boyfriend) "Well... he's a boy and he's my friend sooooo... yeah?" I have many more but I'll stop now. No way, you're ENFP too? !!!
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