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  1. I think the people who run AVEN are far too quick to hand out warnings. And far too quick to accuse anyone they disagree with of some dreadful 'ism' instead of saying what they mean. Some of the posters on there seem similar. There is a sort of 'in crowd'. The 'in crowd' seem to have very entrenched views - which is fair enough in itself - but they're not really interested in discussing them. Hopefully this place can remain independent of AVEN.
  2. Another aro-ace here! 🙂 I've noticed a few people on here have also been on AVEN, as have I. I've met some very nice people on AVEN. But I've also encountered others who were - let's just say, not so nice. 😐 Anyway, I've not had much chance to look around yet, but I like the idea that we aros have a site all to ourselves. Sounds good to me! 😎
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