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  1. If you’re greyromantic, I’d love to hear your stories! How do you experience romantic attraction (if you do)?? Do you consider yourself a very romantic person (as in, totally down for classic romantic activities, etc.)? ——— As for me, I’m like a razor thin edge away from being totally aromantic. But I realised that I very very rarely experience romantic attraction, but it is so weak and mild, it’s quite like a vapor. Barely even there, really. It’s very hard to tell it’s there. Like a puff of air from half a mile away. ^^ I’ve never really had any intense crushes either... my “c
  2. Thanks for your reply! I haven’t had any similar experiences since then, it was just the one time. It’s been around 12 years since then, so I’m not sure why I even remember it...I did feel some sort of love toward him, I suppose, which might be why I remember it. I’m leaning towards greyromantic, but I just wanted some outside opinions like I mentioned before. :)
  3. TL;DR - If you struggled between the aro or greyro labels, how did you settle on one? Well here I am, questioning my romantic orientation(?) again. I’ve been using aromantic, but now I’m wondering if I might be greyro? I’m definitely ace as well, but I do experience other forms of attraction, and I just can’t tell if any of them are romantic? I’ve read examples where people have tried describing their experiences, and they all sound rather intense to me. Like feeling a “pull” toward someone they’re romantically attracted to...what does that even mean? I can understand the concept
  4. Nah. I dated some people...didn’t get the “feels”. They probably thought I didn’t care at all (which is kinda true to be honest, at least in the romantic sense). *shrug*
  5. I realised that I’m ace first and then I started wondering if I’m also aro. I’m pretty sure that I am, but I’m not 100% sure
  6. Early sign I was aro — long ago when I was a young child, I refused to refer to anything/anyone as “cute”. I would say “cool” instead. Probably strange for a preteen girl to never say anything was “cute” lol. I started to say it later on, but I guess it was just an effort to blend in better.
  7. @DeltaV I just tried them because, you know, allonormativity. Thought that I should try them in the off chance that I might “find someone”. Lol! It was before I figured out I’m aroace though
  8. This thread is interesting; I hope it gets more answers. I took the weird quiz and got a 3 😂
  9. Weird! Thanks for posting that :)
  10. Just read through this entire thread and the only thing I can say with certainty is - I don’t think I’ve ever felt romantic attraction and I still don’t know what it is. I think I sort of get the concept in a very abstract, impersonal sort of way, but that’s debatable.
  11. Just as the title says, can anyone help me out with this? I figure it’s a pretty murky distinction, but I could be wrong.
  12. @aro_elise wow, thanks!! 😧 I feel like such a weirdo since I’ve never experienced anything like that. My poor aroace self trying to use dating apps 🤣🤣 no wonder I hate them. It all makes sense now.
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