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  1. I found out about aromanticism only a few months ago, at 30. Before that I was constantly thinking that most friends my age have paired up and felt the need to do that too. By now I consider myself somehow greyromantic and feel quite good with this, also after reading a lot here about how others feel the same.
  2. Another German here, though the only stereotype of those that fits me is that I like to eat potatoes 😄 As you said culture is very different in all parts of the country. I live in the centre close to Frankfurt. What I like about that is that it is very convenient location to travel all over Germany and Europe.
  3. You're right, I completely forgot about that. But as you say it is really small part of the story and it's more the reaction of the boy that is important to the story.
  4. Les Choristes, a French film set in the 40s. It's about music and one of my favourite movies. A teacher comes to a school for troubled boys and wants to help them by teaching them to sing, fighting against the strict headmaster. It's a great movie with beautiful music.
  5. That's some of the things I think about when worrying about being alone. Right now I'm quite happy with my life as it is, and have friends and family to help if I'm ill or need advice or something. It's more the fear/feeling that for everyone else the romantic partner is the priority and I don't have anyone whose priority I would be.
  6. Kind of similar to all of you. I like it less, the "realler" it gets 😉 Reading about kissing and in movies is nice, if someone kisses irl is okay, but I prefer to look away. I haven't kissed anyone in a while (but I don't miss it), but from what I remember it was hugely underwhelming, sometimes okay, sometimes boring and a bit disgusting.
  7. thanks 🙂 Exactly! And the typical storyline where they start to ignore and hurt their friends when focussing on the romantic interest is so annoying. Thanks 🙂
  8. Me too, that was acutally where I first read the term aromantic, didn't know about it before. Has anyone read any of her other novels? From reading the blurbs I don't think there is another aro character but I'll definitely check them out and hope they are as good as loveless.
  9. I can relate. I'm close to 31 (but can't say I feel "old" 😉 ), but didn't hear about the term aromantic until a few weeks ago. Suddenly some things made sense. Not sure yet I need to put a fixed label on it, but it really helped to know about it to find about other peoples expericences as here in the forum.
  10. Hey there :-) No worries, I'm glad if you recognised some things from what I wrote to get you started. Just let it out !! I'm sorry to hear you have been so unhappy, I hope it helps you to share your feelings and find about others here to feel better 🙂 🙂 🙂 It's hard when somehow you feel the need to try to act like everyone expects (like you felt the need to do romantic stuff in your relationship although you were uncomfortable with it). I'm in a point of life where it seems everyone around me is getting married / starts having kids… A few months ago I felt like I needed to
  11. Hi there 🙂 I'm new here, 30-year old female. I recently stumbled upon the term aromantic. I never knew you could split attraction to different kinds like romantic, aesthetic, sexual etc. Then I did some reading and thought, that kind of seems familiar in many points (though not all). So I hope that sharing some thoughts with you and reading of your experiences will help me figuring things out where to put myself in the spectrum (I lean towards gray-romantic at the moment). So here some random things that come to my mind 😉 - I actually love reading romantic books, or watching romant
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