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  1. I finally came out as aro! It took me a while but I'm finally comfortable in my identity. I'm single, I'm happy, and I'm excited to be the new me. I'll probably take down my account in a couple days so everyone thank you so much for your help, I love and appreciate this place so much an y'all are valid and amazing. Never forget that :aroicecream:

    1. Neir


      We'll miss you but thank you for coming by and hanging out with us! :) I'm happy and excited for you to tackle this awesome new aro life.

  2. I'm feeling a lot more confident in my aromanticism. I'm still not totally sure, but I think I'm ready to break up with my girlfriend... wish me luck! :aroicecream:

    1. aro_elise


      good luck!  have you told her you're aro or are you going to?  telling my bf, and later, breaking up with him, were big steps for me and they made me so much happier.

    2. NotHeartless


      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Stop Trampling Aromantic Music, People SHARK
  4. Dude absolutely I'll get something tysm
  5. You're not to young, for sure. I just turned 15 and I'm fairly confident in my aromanticism. Unfortunately, there's a bit of stigma even in the lgbt community about aromanticsm. But I think eventually if you come out to a couple friends at a time people will start to understand. Start out slow and let yourself think more about how your identity feels, and if this feels right to you then that's something to be proud of. Don't forget you can be whoever you want to and you don't have to change for anyone else. As long as it makes you happy, your identity is valid.
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum. I want u to know u can absolutely live a happy life without romance, there are so many other things that can drive happiness. Platonic love, sexual love (it's totally like hacking the system isn't it great), family love, love for a pet, love for a show or a book, love for your hobbies or your profession, anything else. If you start identifying as aro and realize you want a romantic relationship, that's amazing go for it. And if you start identifying as aro and realize it fits, congrats you've figured yourself out and you can be happy. Either way you can still live life to the fullest and find out what makes you happy.
  7. I sort of understand your problem, I'm in a relatively similar situation. I'm glad you've figured out your romantic orientation, that's a step forward from where I am lol. But I get what you mean about touch deprivation. If your idea of a QPR situation that fits you is a close friend who keeps you from feeling touch deprivation, then that's great. If you're not ready for that, maybe find a few friends who you can be a little bit touchy with, just a friend or two who you can hug sometimes. And you don't have to feel lonely. The more comfortable you become with your identity the more you might understand what love means to you and who you can share that with. I hope this a little bit helpful
  8. Lol sorry this isn't important The leaderboard thing says people got certain numbers of points and idk what that means
  9. Went on a date with my gf who I still haven't come out as aro to... Not going too well, but I guess I'll get there

    1. NotHeartless


      That must be tough. Good luck!

  10. I usually drink a cup of tea every day, and I would never drink....coffee. Chai tea is one of my favorites because it's so good with milk and honey. Peppermint is also good if you need something calming before bed, just a suggestion.
  11. Hiya, welcome to the community. I'm also aromantic and not romance repulsed, so it's nice to know the community has a good mix of feelings on romance. Hope u find this to be a helpful and understanding site
  12. Thomas Sanders 110% because he has a lot of friends in many different parts of the LGBT community that show up and talk about their identities a lot in his videos
  13. Wait is this a thing?? I knew a black ring was for ace and sort of for aspec in general but I never knew the white ring was for aro. I rlly like that suggestion
  14. I read fanfiction... Sometimes it's just so sweet and well thought out and the people are happy and it's cute I like romance, just not for myself
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